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A browser and editor for markdown formatted notes, which are organized in a directory structure.

You can now select between two different view modes (see settings on first page).

(Sorry for still missing references to projects, which my work bases on.)

Please tell me about your experience with the two different renderings (webView and textArea). Which you like better, if you'd like to keep both. I don't know, if I want to maintain both of them.

Any ideas for the content of the cover page?



Application versions: 
File harbour-notizenmd-0.6.4-1.noarch.rpm82.88 KB12/01/2021 - 16:34
File harbour-notizenmd-0.6.5-1.noarch.rpm82.87 KB21/05/2021 - 16:10


  •  remove onError from FileModel


  • remove contentaction from DirectoryPickerPage.qml


  • swedish translation


  • fix unnecessary contentaction


  • fixed issue opening index.html in browser.


  • Basic link handling (external/internal)
  • About.qml (references to other projects)
  • fix toggle html


  • Cheatsheet no edit etc
  • Move WebView/TextArea into components, switch with states


  • Attach cheatsheet to editor


  • Started translation (german)
  • Append extension on adding note
  • Option editing on adding note (remember choice)
  • View html (for debugging)
  • Switch view on the fly


  • Edit Notes
  • Set folder when changing path manually
  • Create note
  • Choose Webview or TextArea


  • Namefilter not working?
  • Settings filefilter
  • Disable unused actions (edit, new note)
  • Select folder in Pulldown
  • Sorting



paolomi's picture

Great app! :) It would perfect if you add "undo" and "redo" in "edit" mode. You can copy them from foil notes. Thanks a lot!

fooxl's picture

Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry, but I'm not using SailfishOS anymore, hence I stopped the developement of my apps.

aerique's picture

Hi, thanks for It has been my preferred note-taking solution on Sailfish for a while now.

One thing I would like is if bullets / checkboxes from the previous line would be copied to the new line.

Another thing would be for checked boxes to be hidden from view.

These should both be optional and off by default but it would make Notizen perfect for my groceries.

Once I have time I'm planning to check out the source and see if I can add these features myself.

Oh yes, the TextArea view has my preference.

fooxl's picture

Thanks for your comment!

> One thing I would like is if bullets / checkboxes from the previous line would be copied to the new line.

Good idea, I can give it a try. I guess we have to react on onEnterPressed and/or on onReturnPressed of the TextArea.

> Another thing would be for checked boxes to be hidden from view.

This should probably be done in a stylesheet (css). But I'm afraid this would trag in c++ code, which I want to avoid.

lxmx's picture

pkcon refresh didn't return any errors and when I ran pkcon update it downloaded a couple of irrelevant packages e.g. flatpak-runner

lxmx's picture

sailfish-qml harbour-notiz
enmd > error.txt
[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[D] unknown:0 - Got library name: "/usr/lib/qt5/qml/
[W] unknown:13 - file:///usr/share/harbour-notizenmd/
qml/harbour-notizenmd.qml:13:9: Type NotesBrowser una
NotesBrowser {
[W] unknown:7 - file:///usr/share/harbour-notizenmd/q
ml/pages/NotesBrowser.qml:7:1: module "org.nemomobile
.contentaction" is not installed
import org.nemomobile.contentaction 1.0
Here is what I got

fooxl's picture

Thank you for this interessting find. It seems I missed a dependency. Installing it by

pkcon install nemo-qml-plugin-contentaction

should solve it for now.

lxmx's picture

It did. Thank you very much!

fooxl's picture

Fixed with version v0.6.2

lxmx's picture

Sure. First of all, when I install the app from Storeman the first thing I see there is that there is an update available, from 0.6-10.8.1 to 0.6.1-10.9.1. Which is weird because I'm assuming it should just install the newest version by default. No matter if I install the update or not, when I launch the app all I can see is the white screen. Nothing else. The cover is also a blank white page. Is there a command I can run to help debug this?

fooxl's picture
First of all, when I install the app from Storeman the first thing I see there is that there is an update available, from 0.6-10.8.1 to 0.6.1-10.9.1.

This sounds to me like sth is messed up with the repos you configured. Maybe running pkcon refresh from command helps or shows some errors.

Is there a command I can run to help debug this?

You can run the app by enetring sailfish-qml harbour-notizenmd in the command line. It should show some errors to you, when the white screen appears.

lxmx's picture

Could you please fix the app for 3.4.0
24? It is currently showing a blank white screen :((

fooxl's picture

For me it works. But I'm currently working on some improvements, there will be a new version soon.

When does the white screen appear? Can you browse the notes?

Provide more info about the problem.

lxmx's picture

Also would be great if it was possible to invoke with a certain file to use as an editor (from e.g. a file manager)

lxmx's picture

I love this app. Prefer the textArea rendering. Only thing to wish for is if the cover displayed an extract of the currently viewed text. Just like the SMS app does.

fooxl's picture

Thanks for your comment.

Good idea, and should be hard to implement.

heiko's picture

Thank you for this App. You work is very much appreciated!

I personally prefer the TextArea rendering.

Have you ever thought of creating an outline based on the headlines for each note? An outline would make the navigation in large notes easier.

My idea on how to use the cover page: display the beginning of the current note in the current folder. The two buttons on the cover page can be used switch to the previous or next note in the current folder. A click on the cover page takes you directly to the selected note. 

vbelloir's picture

Thanks for this app!
I really prefer TextArea rendering.
Notes are synced with sailsync app (unfortunatly manually...).
Some new features maybe useful :
- possibility to search in Notes,
- possibility to filter Nites with tags.
Thanks again!

fooxl's picture

Thanks for your comment!

Is there an existing concept for tags in mardown styled notes? Could you give an example?


marxistavegana's picture

Any chance webdav with nextcloud could be added?

flywheel's picture

Try the Sailsync Owncloud app, it works quite well.

fooxl's picture

There's always a chance although in this case it's very, very low. ;)

Are there no standalone clients for webdav?

naytsyrhc's picture

I can confirm an issue with screen size as well. It's reproducable on Sailfish running on Xperia X Compact (so bigger than Jolla 1 screen size). Just create a new note with option "edit" enabled.

fooxl's picture

Ok, thanks for the report.

norayr's picture

i like the transparent view, which is in the style of sailfish applications. I assume web view is the white background and black text, it's not convenient, and very hard for my eyes. Also i like sailfish because u don't have dark or metallic styled widgets' but your style is generated with ambience.

fooxl's picture

Thank you for your input.

norayr's picture

wow looks amazing.


breiti_oi's picture

Is this one the successor of your todo.txt App, or will both of them further developed?

fooxl's picture

The current plan is to keep them separate and develope both.

breiti_oi's picture

That sounds great, thank you! :D