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A browser and editor for markdown formatted notes, which are organized in a directory structure.

You can now select between two different view modes (see settings on first page).

(Sorry for still missing references to projects, which my work bases on.)

Please tell me about your experience with the two different renderings (webView and textArea). Which you like better, if you'd like to keep both. I don't know, if I want to maintain both of them.

Any ideas for the content of the cover page?



Application versions: 
File harbour-notizenmd-0.6.4-1.noarch.rpm82.88 KB12/01/2021 - 16:34
File harbour-notizenmd-0.6.5-1.noarch.rpm82.87 KB21/05/2021 - 16:10


  •  remove onError from FileModel


  • remove contentaction from DirectoryPickerPage.qml


  • swedish translation


  • fix unnecessary contentaction


  • fixed issue opening index.html in browser.


  • Basic link handling (external/internal)
  • About.qml (references to other projects)
  • fix toggle html


  • Cheatsheet no edit etc
  • Move WebView/TextArea into components, switch with states


  • Attach cheatsheet to editor


  • Started translation (german)
  • Append extension on adding note
  • Option editing on adding note (remember choice)
  • View html (for debugging)
  • Switch view on the fly


  • Edit Notes
  • Set folder when changing path manually
  • Create note
  • Choose Webview or TextArea


  • Namefilter not working?
  • Settings filefilter
  • Disable unused actions (edit, new note)
  • Select folder in Pulldown
  • Sorting



borghal's picture

Thank you for your answers. I'll give it a try I guess. Can I sync the same notes folder with both syncthing and nextcloud or does this mess up things?

borghal's picture

Very nice app! I was wondering how to use this with my nextclou, too . AFAIK there is no auto sync client for nextcloud. Is it possible to use SyncDings? Oh, and pdf export would be a killer feature!

MIG's picture

I use syncthing to sync some files between devices. Including 2 sailfish oses, 2 androids, win7 and linux debian. Works like a charm.

Synced .md's, todo.txt's and keepass db's are used daily. I also backup photos to NAS from sailfish os devices with syncdings.

fooxl's picture

Do you mean syncing the notes to your nextcloud instancd with syncthing? If you can install syncthing on the server which runs nextcloud, it could work.

seiichiro0185's picture

Thanks for this useful app. As I keep my notes in md files I really appreciate it. If now we had a way to automatically sync the notes with nextcloud it would be my perfect notes setup ;)

fooxl's picture

Thank you, but I'm afraid I have to disappoint you concerning syncing features. ;)

Isn't there a separate nextcloud syncing daemon around?

MIG's picture

I saw the option of view mode selection in settings, but didn't try it.
Now, after trying out both of the settings I found the WebView option good for files containing tables. Numbered list didn't work in that view. But numbered list works great in the textArea while tables doesn't.
Html export would be nice to have and not very complicated to make as webView is already implemented.
Edit: After some testing I figured out that there was a mistake in my md-file's table syntax.

fooxl's picture

Thanks for your resumee. I will keep html-export in mind.

MIG's picture


Some feedback about v0.5:
* View html is not working at all
* Once menu items disappeared (I cannot reproduce this). I had to restart the application in order to get them visible and functional again.

fooxl's picture

Ok, there was a lot of code rewrite in the viewer.

How would you want to store the exported html? Some place outside notesdir or just with same path/filename but with extension = html? Or each time a dialog?

MIG's picture

It would be enough, if during the export the filename defaults to the name of .md file with .html extension (Show dialog, if overwrite would occur). Files can be renamed and moved in file manager so no urgent need for renaming in this application.

Of course, if dialog is very easy to implement, it would not hurt to have the filename and location asked.

How difficult would it be to implement "Send as html email"? An ability to make html formatted emails easily by writing them in markdown would be useful.

v0.5 feedback:
- Once the size of the application appeared to be larger than the sceen of Intex Aqua Fish. Moving to directory view, textView, WebView, edit or settings view didn't fix the issue so I had to restart the application. I have no idea what triggered it.

fooxl's picture

Hm, maybe copying html to clipboard would be the easiest way to start.

You mean, the size of the whole application wasn't bound to screensize anymore? Sounds strange.

MIG's picture

Yes, copying to clipboard would be sufficient for me, but there is one big problem. I think, the Sailfish's native email program doesn't support sending html formatted emails. If I send some html formatted stuff, it's not rendered in the receiving end. The content-type should be set properly.

I'm not aware about SFOS API for sending emails. Only attachments can be pushed to the email editor afaik. Maybe too much reverse-engineering involved before html email can be usable and it's going to be painful to maintain.

And yes for screen size issue also. Exactly like you said. I haven't experienced it in other applications. Nor have experienced that issue since then. Happened for me only one time, so no need to debug, I suppose. I just wanted to inform you, that there can be an issue somewhere in the screen size handling.

* every time I open a file, the opens Web Browser with URL:

fooxl's picture

Uuuuhhh, I lost some curly brackets... will be fixed quickly.

MIG's picture

Cool. Works like a charm now.

MIG's picture

Nice piece of software! Good work! I was quite happy with 0.1 version, but 0.2 is a lot more usable with integrated editor. I have been using .md for my personal notes and project documentation for a while. And by using vim as editor. Now tweaking of md files is much faster as there is no switching between two applications involved.

fooxl's picture

Thanks, for your nice comment! :)

Did you see, there are two view modes? One uses a WebView (renderes like a webpage) the other (default) uses a TextArea, which is faster and integrates better into Sailfish.

I'd like to know, what users think about them.

naytsyrhc's picture

The changelog mentions version 0.2 but openrepos seems to still offer 0.1 only. Wrong version number or am I too early?

fooxl's picture

Hm, for me v0.2 shows up here and in Storeman...

edit: and there are also installs for v0.2 in the Stats.

naytsyrhc's picture

Well, tried pkcon refresh to no avail, rebuilt app registry without any change either. However after that I saw the new version, still storeman refused to update. Refreshing cache did not help. After deinstallation and installing again, I now have 0.2.