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Very thanks to gexc,AfterTheRainOfStars,patchmanager,coderus,etc...

config file at /home/nemo/.config/gost/gost.json

Important!!! You need to install pdnsd from gexc first.

For details, take a look at

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For the version 0.1.4-1, the pdnsd is now a dependency of this package. If you upgrade the package from an older version to a new version higher than 0.1.4-1, you might need to reinstall pdnsd.

BTW, for some people the default config file of pdnsd(/etc/pdnsd.conf) doesn't work well. For me I have to change  `run_as="nobody"` into `run_as="root"` in the config file. If some one have problem with global proxy, you can try my solution. (I'm using Sailfish X,

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version 0.1.4-1 would not delete /etc/pdnsd.conf.

I think maybe it's you fault.The easiest way to verify is reinstall version 0.1.4-1 and check pdnsd.conf's modification time or other functions.

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But I tried rpm -ql and found that there's no /etc/pdnsd.conf in the package... In the version 0.1.3-1 it included the file and in version 0.1.4 it doesn't, so the upgrade may cause the missing.

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This config file belongs to pdnsd.

In version 0.1.4 i not included it, but it not means i will delete it.Just like i not included your /home/nemo folder.

Source code can be found at

Just take a look at pro file and spec file.