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Unoffical Instagram client for Sailfish. Fork of sailgrande.

Rebased and updated by wiktorek140

Current features:

  • Upload photos
  • Show own feed with posts
  • A startpage containing a preview for all three of them (own feed, popular and tag posts)
  • Show details for a picture/video : Count of likes and comments and the most recent comments.
  • Like a picture/video/carusel or remove your previous like
  • Open user profiles
  • Show media feed for user
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Post comments
  • Show posts for a specific tag
  • Show followers or followed users
  • Block and unblock users
  • Show stories in main screen like in Instagram
  • Show Explore Feed (popular/choosed for u or what u want to name it ^-^)
  • Fixed Follow/Unfollow, like/unlike
  • Showing thread, load newer/older messages (unimplemented replying)
  • Stories like in android, with some kind of counter under stories

Broken features:

  • Upload videos
  • Upload carusels
  • Filtres
  • Registration

Source code:

Application versions: 
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.8-1.armv7hl.rpm334.67 KB27/08/2018 - 00:28
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.2-2.armv7hl.rpm322.44 KB29/10/2017 - 00:02
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.2-2.i486.rpm329.76 KB29/10/2017 - 00:00
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.2-1.armv7hl.rpm345.35 KB07/10/2017 - 22:42
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.2-1.i486.rpm356.56 KB07/10/2017 - 22:40
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.1-3.armv7hl.rpm344.26 KB29/09/2017 - 12:44
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.1-5.i486.rpm356 KB07/10/2017 - 01:12
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.1-2.armv7hl.rpm339.75 KB25/09/2017 - 18:40
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.1-5.armv7hl.rpm344.7 KB07/10/2017 - 01:12
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.9-2.armv7hl.rpm331.52 KB28/08/2018 - 23:51
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.10-0.armv7hl.rpm332.35 KB05/09/2018 - 23:25
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.10-5.armv7hl.rpm327.99 KB10/09/2018 - 04:10
File harbour-prostogram-0.9.11-0.armv7hl.rpm334.68 KB21/09/2018 - 12:00

Added i486 rpm


TMavica's picture

Found it

wiktorek140's picture

Added link in description

TMavica's picture

There is only translation link

TMavica's picture

Ic. Also can u add the progress bar in the story?

wiktorek140's picture

Yes, i think. If u want it faster u can create issue on my github (link on description). Request from there have higher prorities than one from other places. And if u spot a visual bug(other than too small font) or something wrong with app put it there too

TMavica's picture

The character too small after update

wiktorek140's picture

App is still work in progress, and not everythink is scalable. For example font. If u want larger font u can downgrade one version and it should look better. In current version there are only graphical changes

p_pahare's picture

Thanks A lot for Updating , @wiktorek140 waiting for version 1.0

skyjumper's picture


Thanks for the most recent version 0.99. It looks great. Unfortunately when acessing the messages section is crashes on me. All other sections works well. Running latest SFOS on J1

wiktorek140's picture

I know about this bug but i cannot spot what cause it because all data are corect. Maybe in next build i will found a way to made it working

pdelfes's picture

Retarded social network

wiktorek140's picture

Are you talking app or instagram itselt?

Salissa's picture

The Update looks great, with the stories not always displayed. Great work!
I really liked the dark (ambience induced) background, though. Do you plan staying with the white background and if yes, could you make it customisable? :)

wiktorek140's picture

white theme will be default for now. when i get rid of strange crash i will look about customizing app

Salissa's picture


247's picture

Any chances we could correctly upload photos with prostogram?and maybe less crashes? :)

marxistavegana's picture

Any chances an update is coming? Works in part but often restarts, does not handle images that well.

wiktorek140's picture

Update will be in near future (maybe this week). Now i rework gui apperance and try to decrease/remove restarting.

giampy's picture

Hi, there is a bug, if I change the password with the pc or other device it is impossible to change the psw on Prostogram, it use the old psw and don't login. It stop to splash app screen.

DarkTuring's picture

Was trying to donate says recipient cannot accept money at the moment in paypal:

wiktorek140  emailAD

please fix so you can get donations.

Markkyboy's picture

Great!....messages deleted. You can always PM other users here on Openrepos, no need to post sensitive data :)

DarkTuring's picture

edited, why would there be so much spam? could signup be improved for OpenRepos to prevent bots from taking over?

DarkTuring's picture

When selecting a user from someone that follows you, it would be great to add another screen ro see what users the one that is following you is following, and again to allow select follow to those users.


lso the menue, followers, followings, and when yoh are following the oerson is a bit jumbled on the Xperia X big screen, please optimize for big screen use.

TMavica's picture

It crashs when loading first page


maybe too many story?

TMavica's picture

(process:6854): GLib-ERROR **: Creating pipes for GWakeup: Too many ope n files  Segmentation fault

247's picture

hi there,

so you are just packaging what neochapay is coding or you are coding on your own?if we want to report bugs we have still to report to neochapay?or directly to you?

wiktorek140's picture

Not extacly. i just push my build, my changes and features. U can admit it as beta, because i push up my changes to neochapay.

If u use my version(extacly this one and further added there) i thing it will be better to push error in my github if its connected with something what missing in neochapay version. Other error report to him

247's picture

so are you are taking neochapay base and continue your own?i'm asking this because there are some issues when uploading photos and neochapay marked them as "wontfix"...maybe you are able to fix them... :)

wiktorek140's picture

if u tell me what is wrong and when then i can try to fix it. now my priority is make a thread viewer and maybe sending message

247's picture

i'll write you here considering i cannot find your github...

first problem is that every portrait photo gets uploaded in landscape, and there's no way to zoom in and out  to adjust it

second problem is that every photo gets cutted on the bottom and a black border is inserted to the upper side making impossible to upload photos with prostogram...

by the way since i am writing you...would be nice if stories would appear as profile images instead of stories previews so we know who's posting them...and maybe would be nice to have stories even when clicking on the profile pic in the account page... :)