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Timekeeper gives the opportunity to make a list of city clocks from around the world, much like worldclock.

Although it might be a bit more minimalistic than worldclock, it's look is definitely more SailfishOS style.

Please note that I did NOT create this app, but Lacrimosa (author of the Flashcards app in the store) did. I only uploaded the package here (after consulting him).

Sources are on github


0.1-2 Fixed issue of pulley time no longer updating


minitreintje's picture

Really handy this app, thanks for uploading!

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I like your app, but I probably found a bug. Recently I switched to Xperia and the local time in pulley menu is always displayed as 12:35. Has that been like this before?

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As I mentioned it is not my app, but it seems the time update mechanism in the pulley menu indeed is broken.

naytsyrhc's picture

I saw that comment (not your app) just after my comment. So sorry. I also saw it is on github. Maybe I will dive into that an see if I can do something about it. Need the time though.

ade's picture

Should be fixed now

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It is! Thank you very much.

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I like the design. Thank you for uploading this!

How about this icon?

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I stored a copy of your icon, but for now I will leave things as they are.