Radio Switcher

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This application is not supported anymore. In case there are any issues with installer, you are free to unpack the installation pack and fix those. In case you want to change the functionality, you are free to do that too. Source code is freely available from 

New totally renewed user interface. Now Radio Swither is native SailfishOS application always minimized on multitasking screen when running. You can use cover swipe action toggles to switch between 2G (gsm), 3G (utms with fallback to gsm) and 4G (lte only).

You may quit the Radio Switcher 0.2.1 and 0.2.2 by tapping application in multitasking menu and selecting (X) exit cover action from Exit Menu.

Radio Switcher 0.2 quits by tapping it twice on multitasking screen.

Notice: Since version SailfishOS has native support 4G/LTE connectivity with circuit switched back to 3G/2G for calls and messages. That makes this application obsolete for most of Jolla users.

Radio Switcher can force Jolla phone to LTE only mode in which circuit switched fallback (CSFB) is not operative. This means that LTE will stay on and phone will not switch to 3G or 2G. Can be useful in certain network conditions, but please notice calls and messages won't be received in 4G/LTE only mode.

Watch a short demonstration video how the Radio Switcher 0.1 operates.

Change log:


  • Added information when phone is searching for network or network registration has been denied by network.
  • Minor fine tuning like application version visible on exit menu


  • Fixed signal strength calculation
  • Operator and effective network technology added to cover view
  • Exit by tapping once and then selecting exit cover action


  • totally renewed version with cover only user interface
  • enables toggling between 2G (gsm), 3G (utms) and 4G (lte)
  • exit by tapping twice


  • Initial version
  • This tiny installer creates two desktop icons with functionality to toggle between 2G/3G radio ja 4G/LTE radio.
    • 3G Switch icon toggles the 2G/3G radio on
    • 4G Switch icon toggles the 4G/LTE radio on

This software is FREE and no payment is expected. If you however feel this software is worth it, I will welcome your donation:


Application versions: 
File harbour-radio-switch-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm24.2 KB01/02/2014 - 16:39
File harbour-radio-switch-0.2.2-1.armv7hl.rpm67.84 KB10/03/2014 - 00:53


Valker's picture

Would it be possible to implement "Force LTE with CSFB" mode to cope this Jolla/Sailfish bug/feature: BUG: Jolla can't switch directly from 2G to 4G-lte

Penguin's picture

Unfortunately not. Modem supports only modes:

  • 2G only
  • automatic 2G or 3G
  • automatic 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE
  • 4G/LTE only

It would require 3G bandwidth to be disabled on modem configuration, which is protected in modem software and such modification would require new type approval for the modem/device.

Radio Switcher only supports modes that modem supports. Well, I havent't updated it to support automatic 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE mode, but there is patch enabling that in github if someone is interested. Unfortunately there is no solution to your problem.

Valker's picture

Pity. Do you think this is something that even Jolla can't change (easily)?

Penguin's picture

I do not know what kind of deal they have with Qualcom if they could do it by themselves or would need Qualcom to do it. Modem and modem software is from Qualcom. It would definitely require type approval and might require separate type approval and if so then different variant. Sometimes these are tricky and thus all globally selling manufacturers have multiple variants from same product to apply with regulator requirements for type approvals. Other reasons too, but that is one.

It would practically require only one more mode to modem: 2G + 4G/LTE automatic selection with LTE CSFB.

Kiranos's picture

Hi this seems great! will this be added to the official repo aswell? 2g/3g switcher is a great tool. 


Penguin's picture

This app uses heavily such API's not allowed but Harbour rules sandboxing applications available in Jolla Store. Thus unless I get clear sign from Jolla they would make an exception I will not even try it. Possible, but unlikely I would say.

spacenewt's picture

Tried to install it but got error message about missing v0.2.1-2 files.

Penguin's picture

Refresh and download latest version 0.2.2-1. It was updated few hours ago and replaced that older version. Must be some web browser or warehouse caching issue.

spacenewt's picture

You're right. Now it works, thx!

Moth's picture

Just perfect. Thank you for adopting the idea of a 2g-switch.

Keep the spirit!

Moth's picture

Thank you,

it's working well for me and saved my life updating a bricked router with new firmware... 

On my wishlist is a 3rd switch - 2G, because i'm always using 2G only to save battery and currently have to switch back manually but this has really no priority, has it? ;)



Penguin's picture

You can switch between 2G and 3G by using mobile network settings. Yes, it is behind the menus in settings application but this switcher is more of a workaround until Jolla will enable 4G properly.

CraigA's picture

I understand that this is not operator specific, however, I am having issues as this currently does not work on Rogers in Canada. I am in a 2600Mhz Band 7 zone. Any ideas?

Penguin's picture

Do you have LTE enabled for your subscription?

damourti's picture

Thanks Penguin, surfing is such a dream with 4G! Hope they will fix it soon!

Amelot's picture

Is the screen shot OOLKA speedtest a native Sailfish version ? I took a look for it but didn't find anything.

Penguin's picture

It is android version. There is no native globally reliable speedtest for Sailfish.

Thomastf's picture

dos not work with in denmark.

Penguin's picture

Switcher is not operator specific. Switcher only enables LTE radio supporting bands 3, 7 and 20, and does that regardless of operator and if LTE is enabled for your subscription or not. 

LTE availability may differ per operator, subscription and location. As provides LTE service on bands 3 and 7 there should not be any reason why Jolla couldn't access LTE network if your subscription has LTE enabled and if your phone is within LTE network coverage.

Thomastf's picture

It works now.. :-)

Thomastf's picture

Thanks , i just enabled 4G in my subscription today so perhaps it takes some time to activate. I will update tomorrow. Thanks for the good work :-)

Victorious's picture

Thank you!

Victorious's picture

At the included 4G - calls do not work

Penguin's picture

As it was in description you are not able to receive calls and SMS while 4G on. I modified text to include also making calls and sending SMS. This limitation is because SailfishOS Jolla has released does not yet handle fallback to 2G/3G properly and LTE does not support voice calls at all. This is why this feature has not been enabled by Jolla but because it is there and someone may benefit from using it, I thought this capability is worth to share with others. Those two icons won't anything else but switch between lte and umts settings.