Build of okbengine - Unofficial!

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My compiled RPM using code from OKBoard - Openrepos pulled from users GIT.

Made using Sailfish SDK and MerSDK VM


Application versions: 
File okboard-full-0.5.12-1.armv7hl.rpm9.17 MB24/11/2016 - 02:45
File okboard-full-0.5.12-1.i586.rpm9.19 MB01/12/2016 - 11:51



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Hi skyjumper,

It seems the old problems are returning. In my Dutch keyboard, words that are being used often seem to be deleted from the dictionary. The English translations of these words: I, is, that, still. In Dutch: ik, is, dat, nog, and the keyboard writes the words uk, idd, D-day, big, without the chance to pick the right words from the list.

I have the feeling that the problem lies with the gathering of new words, and particularly the words that start with a capital. I think the word 'is' gets copied into the list of new words like 'Is' as soon as I use it at the start of a sentence. And after a couple of times writing it with or without a capital, the program cannot handle it any more?

Of course I am just guessing. Thanks again for your work!


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Hi, any chance of a build for 486 (the Jolla tablet)?

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Just built it. :-)

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Thanks a lot for the build, the prediction engine works flawlessly for French.

Unfortunately, there is still the transparency issue, could you provide build intructions please? (would like to check if I find a fix)

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In French, I always have problems with some short words like "le", "les" or "mes" etc. The engine seems to learn them but as soon as the keyboard is hidden, these words are not remembered any more.  Unfortunately, it's not better with this new version of the engine.

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Hi vinc_e,

Try this... Build Info

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Thanks! I saw the thread but totally missed your post. I will try to see where the (my?) transparency issue comes from.

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Somehow it doesn't show up in Warehouse. So I installed the rpm from the File Browser. First impressions: great. Some frequently used words in Dutch gave me a lot of problems before. Now the right words are being picked. Hurray!

Thank you for publishing this rpm, skyjumper!

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Thank you for the compiled RPM :) this works much better now!!!

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I really like how OKBoard 0.5.12 works it's much more accurate with predictions than previous versions. Hope you can maintain with regular updates from git ;)