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This program can control the APK background service, 1, stop all, mobile phone screen after killing APK programs activity and service; 2, If on activity, then no service, when activity is off, killing APK service; 3, Normal, do not set any rules

这个程序可以控制apk的后台服务,1,禁止,手机黑屏后杀死apk 程序的activity 和 service;2,前台关闭则后台关闭,当关闭activity时,杀死apk的service;3,正常,不设定任何规则

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File harbour-apk-run-ctrl-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm248.57 KB03/11/2016 - 00:43

fix bug: If on activity, then no service 


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Great app! Can you stop the Google Settings and the Play Store as well until when I open them maybe? Because I set up all what I could but these are still running, or it is not possible? Thanks.

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About Google store you say, I have no way to reproduce, because I uninstall the Google store, the first time I upload the rpm to a bug, please put the old program after unloading, installation again once, what should be no problem.thank you

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Sorry, I don't really understand what you wrote. You mean, I should reinstall the google services after I install this and then try again? (You can reinstall as well just for the test, Opengapps pico installer is working fine for me.)

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I tried now again, so your app is working for a little while, but then without reopening them, the store and the google settings reopened automatically in the background, so I can close it for a short term if I open the app and I close it, but this is just half success. Do you have an idea to block the periodically auto starts in the background maybe?

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my app has a process that run  in the background,so you do not need open it always,you juest configure rule that apps of android run .

rule :1,stop all, 2,if no activity ,then no service,3,nomal

my english is very poor, sorry