Patch: Security options (was: No message preview)

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Now on 3.0.0 it has more features:

  • You can select to show notifications, but hide the body text when device is locked. It will show only the sender's name.
  • You can choose to access the launcher when device is locked (if disabled quick access to camera) however, it won't allow to re-order or remove apps.
  • You can have access to connectivity switches on top menu when device is locked. It won't allow to re-order to remove items.


On 2.0.2+, since there's an option to hide notifications when device is locked, you can use this patch just to hide the text preview while having the notifications enabled.

On 2.0.0 and 2.0.1, v0.1 fixes a security bug by hiding message preview of notifications when device is locked. When device is locked it will show "…" instead of notification body text; it will show the notification but only with the sender name.


It won't disable app notifications nor display wakeups. It also shows sender's name, just replaces body text with "…" on device lock for privacy concerns.

Requires patchmanager
Upon a bug report on TJC

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  • Merged "Launcher on device lock"
  • Added an option to disable restricted access on top menu
  • Disabled top menu organize when device is locked

0.5 - Updated for SFOS 2.1.2
- Updated for SFOS 2.0.4
- Updated for SFOS 2.0.2
0.1 - Initial release


olf's picture

The Patch "No notification preview" conflicts (when applying in Patchmanager) with "Devicelock faith text" (and vice versa).
I wonder, if this is really technically necessary, even though they are both patching the lockscreen, they are changing different aspects of it (the notification preview vs. an additional text).
I would love to see them playing together nicely.

Tested on a Jolla 1 phone under SFOS with the recent versions of "No notification preview", "Devicelock faith text" and Patchmanager2.

Oops, I just realised that "Devicelock faith text" offers to disable the notification preview completely. So there is clearly an overlap in functionality, and hence a conflict when applying these Patches in Patchmanager is logical.
Sorry for my oversight and resulting confusion.

Ancelad's picture

I can merge this if Alina will provide his agreement

alina's picture

Of course I agree. It will be great.

Do you need me to share anything or can you extract it from the rpm?

Ancelad's picture

I've resolved this conflict without merging ;)

olf's picture

@Ancelad: Thanks a lot.

@Alina: [Patch "conflict hell"] Now I realised, that "No notification preview" also conflicts with "Improved notification preview" by Ingvx.
Basically a similar story. Although they both patch the notification preview, they patch slightly different aspects of it: "No notification preview" allows to suppress the second line of notifications (or suppressing notifications completely) on the lockscreen, while "Improved notification preview" alters the shape of notification previews. Even without looking at the code, I do understand that resolving this is trickier, but also wonder if it is absolutely necessary. (I should really start learning QML and dissect Patches in order to provide more comprehensive comments ... someday.)

alina's picture

Yes, I'm using improved notification patch either and unfortunately the conflict isn't resolvable. That patch removes a lot of lines and writes them from scratch. So you'd better to rely on the default option to disable notifications when device is locked.

olf's picture

Thanks for the prompt answer and clarification. (So I will follow the choice you made, too.)

Skillmon's picture

For me the patch can't be activated in SFOS If this is only true for me there is no need to fix it.

alina's picture

You may use another patch for device lock like "Devicelock faith text".

OrpsJolla16's picture

Wow, I'm very happy to see this patch, it should be not needed and already fixed by jolla, but at the least there is a patch. Thank you for that, but please hide the entire popup and not only part of it(using the sms example, hide the recipient too). Great work anyway

alina's picture

In the new update (edit: I mean 2.0.2) the bug is fixed; but I don't like it, because I want to see in a glance who the sender is without unlocking the phone, so added an additional option.