Whatsup - for Harmattan

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Whatsup is a third party WhatsApp client.

Otherwise, your number might be BANNED!
If you need to register, please wait for the updated verison.

If you like this app, please donate using the DONATE button inside the app!

Application versions: 
File whatsup_1.3.1_armel.deb5.41 MB26/01/2016 - 22:52
File whatsup_1.3.2_armel.deb5.4 MB29/03/2016 - 17:29

- 1.3.2

  • Fixed connection problems


- 1.3.1

  • Fixed Whatsup not getting started


- 1.3.0

  • Fixed Registration
  • Fixed Connection Problems

Special thanks goes to ceene for this release!


TRadikov's picture

Alguien sabe si saldra la actualizacion para esta app? Sería bueno saber si se seguira dando apoyo y sacar una nueva version de perdido la 1.3.3 ya que la actual dice ERROR: OLD VERSION se le agradeceria. Me gusta mucho este equipo aun tiene para dar batalla.


Closer's picture

hello the application giving old version error when regestrıng on.my n9 u.thınk.whats the problem please help ı cant use whats up here.

farhad_fa's picture

Hi Dear, Please publish a new version (NOKIA N9)

thanks a lot and best regards


hmcosta's picture

Any chance of having the update soon? I start to think the number of N9 and N950 active users is decreasing significantly...

Muccelli's picture

Any residual Hope of fixing It?is it related to the encryption?

abohajesatoun's picture

Mr HtheB do it :)

amirali5611's picture

Hello Mr Htheb
long time no update for this app. Would you pls. release a new version of whatsup
thank you anyway...

iocaa77's picture

Sería bueno saber si se seguira dando apoyo a whatsup, ¿quien esta trabajando en la actualización y como apoyarlo? $$$

eljones's picture

i can't register it's keep saying old version,i try the both apps but i'm getting thesame errors

Moyhete74's picture

Hola, buena noche!...el dia de hoy dejo de funcionar el whatsup por el motivo de " old version"...ojala puedan actualizar a la version 1.3.3....Desde ya Muchas Gracias!!

elicona's picture

Buenas noches un gran saludo y apoyo al desarrollador de whatsup ya que me ha funcionado hasta ahora pero hoy dejo de funcionar me imagino que alguna actualizacion del whatsapp que realizo de verdad espero el apoyo para ver si lo corrigen y me pueda seguir usando esta herramienta que ha sido la mejor y muy estable gracias ojala tengan una version de whatsup 1.3.3

DameCENO's picture

Lucky for those on the whatsup client already they do not face this old version of a pain in th ***


Well mine is still rocking on my Jolla but sold my N9 and promised to replace my account with the buyer's and now I need to register his account, so any update on this?

iocaa77's picture

V. 1.3.2 works well only emoji disappeared ¿?

tariqueanwer92's picture

Any one have new version 1.3.3 my privious version is not working when i trying to register it show old version

begemoth's picture

Is anyone willing and able/working on a new version?

That would be greatly appreciated given that I need to register.

Thanks for your work!

blindknight's picture

Have a new version? Thanks

kike19809756's picture

habra una nueva version?

lineaks's picture

whatsapp has started banning the cell number who are using different version of application.

FranciscoJose's picture

Waiting for new release. Hope it wont be long!

alfcorr10's picture

it's working now, except that i can't receive messages from windows phone (but i can send them)

Aras's picture

سلام برای این برنامه تلاش زیادی کردید و من از شما ممنونم ولی کمی روی رابط کاربری برنامه کار کنید تا زیباتر و بهتر شود

HtheB's picture

Sorry for not replying guys.

Some people has issues with group messages, and some even regular messages. Some has connection problems.
As you all know, WhatsApp has implemented some encryption to their messages.
This will be investigated and hope sooner or later an update will be released.

Don't worry guys, we still got your back :)


simonedallai1966's picture

Thanks HtheB.

Unfortunately I must confirm that I have problems connecting , and also on groups . Connection problems are most important , because more than one month can not I log in whatsapp!

Zackbet's picture

Kindly help us, we need whatsup working, also please respond to some comments this will be very encouraging....with that thanks very much and keep up your good work @HtheB,

daols's picture

Looks like the UI of 1.3.2 has some problems on my N9. Can you fix it?

i have stopped sensord (initctl stop sensord ), when I lock screen as lndscape,  the different display layers overlap, and the buttons below are covered to cause you can't click.

But I can't reproduce the problem, probably after the first installation.

BahoXXI's picture

The 1.3.2 is not working at all, the old messages can not be fetched from the Android or Iphone.

Please keep developing improvements in this app. Is very useful this app for people with N9.


abohajesatoun's picture

I need whatsup for my job ,,, my mobile nokia n 9 ,,,, please openrepos ,,, i am not found any store in net for meego n9 :(

alfcorr10's picture



it seems to work partly, yesterday i received a bunch of messages and i could send some others but it does not shown as sent (green tic), and today is not working again such as the maior time of last month. WE NEED THIS APP, AND IF YOU COULD ADD SOME OTHER FEATURES (AS CALLING) IT WOULD BE GREAT.


sativista's picture

Sorry HtheB if I'm boring you, but how you don't give us some feedback I have to ask again.
There is something that we can help you?

Because we really need Whatsup working again.
Will you do a new release or are you done?
Thank you, one more time, by your good work.

VilaNovaPro's picture

Bom DIa a todos, primeiro quero agradecer ao desenvvolvedor pelo grande empenho no aplicativo, gostari de saber como faço para aparecer os videos pois estou tendo problemas para reenviar os videos pois não aparece para reenviar, porém ele  esta lá na pasta. Obrigado


Good morning everyone, first I want to thank the developer for the great commitment to the application, I would like to know how to show the video because I am having trouble resend the videos because it does not appear to resend, but it is there in the folder. Thank you