Gtalk Video Call

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This package enables video call with Google Talk contacts. Nokia N9 v1.2 software is required to install this package. After the installation device will automatically reboot.

Video calling is fully integrated to Contacts and Phone applications on the phone and there is no separate application icon for this feature. People to whom you are calling must have Google Talk Video Call capable device (mobile/tablet/computer).

I am not an author of this app, this is a backup from ovi store in case m$ shut it down completely.

TMO Thread about making it work:

Application versions: 
File video-call-installer_1.0.5-2_armel.deb12.14 KB11/01/2015 - 08:11


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I have downloaded this 3 times now and attempted to install it. It reaches the installation and goes through much of the installation, then my device upper data/notification and device function/settings bar disappears and the screen goes black, then the white LED turns on solid and the device reboots. Something seems to be incorrect in the package to cause such a major, device effecting problem. I am open to suggestions and traces.

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The installation works as intended by original package - reboot after install. Though as Google Talk service was shut down by Google a year ago, this package will not do anything. Check this thread for info: