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Tweetian is a feature-rich Twitter app for Symbian and Harmattan, powered by Qt/QML. It comes with a simple, native and amazing UI that will surely make you enjoy the Twitter experience on your smartphone.

- Simple, native & easy-to-use UI
- Autofill for @mentions and #hashtags
- Translation, TwitLonger, Pocket & Instapaper integration
- Image upload & image viewer from multiple services

Application versions: 
File tweetian_1.8.3_armel.deb503.27 KB18/01/2014 - 16:40

tweetian (1.8.3) stable; urgency=normal
* Fix user info page


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thank you so much for this app. Hope u share more apps. :D 

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Tweetian still work and loads profile pictures (native client doesn't do it anymore).
To authorize Tweetian:
on default browser load, copy the link and load it with Opera Mobile. Do the login, copy the showed pin code in the application. Enjoy! 

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thank ! it still works in 2019 !

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top this tip. now in 2018 with this security change only using Opera works authorize the use

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Does not work. Can't even open the browser to log you in (complains about time/date). The ONLY way to have twitter on the N9 is the web browser, while *that* works. The stock client is dead since Twitter's last API change. Thanks, Microsoft, good job, really. What you do, you do well.

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Today I tried Tweetian for the first time on my Nokia N9.

I confirm Tweetian cannot register to directly when it starts ( says "more information is needed") but I copied the url the app passed to the browser to get authorized and I paste it to a browser on my desktop PC (after I had logged in to this way I obtained the code needed by Tweetian to be authorized, I passed to it and now (29 december 2015) Tweetian works.

Regarding the work made by Microsoft -- once again -- I totally agree with you.

They destroyed all what was possible to destroy related to Harmattan, with absolutely no regard to the damage they were causing to all those, like me, who had spent money on it. Now I prefer wasting my time to make my N9 still work, Microsoft, I'll never buy a Lumia. It is a shame upon your heads.

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Thanks for the help it worked! Pasting the link into the browser on the computer after being logged into Twitter. My Lumia smashed on the ground recently and it was perfect timing to get aquainted with the N9 I've had sitting around for just such an opportunity. Very fed up with things like no sync over USB cable and being forced into the cloud, bluetooth that mysteriously is also hard to use to try to force you into the cloud and a general feeling you're being spied on.

Tweetian is doing better than both the native Twitter client and Rocket in that it is showing the thumbnails and you can view the pics, BUT it would be nice if you could see the statistics of each tweets, how many likes it has, how many retweets, doesn't seem to be there in any of the apps.


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Hope the push to timeline feature will be implemented.

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very nice thank u


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I like Tweetian very much.  I have it both on N9 and N8 (symbian).  Works really well, no problems.