Patch: restore swipe to lock

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Starting with Sailfish OS 2.0, Jolla removed the swipe to lock functionality. This patch restores it, without dropping the new "PowerKey/Top menu".

A full swipe from the top will work as usual (the menu remains accessible).

The behaviour is configurable from Settings -> System -> Gestures.

Latest version works on SailfishOS 3.0.0+.

GitHub project page.

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- [data] patch: Updated patch to match Sailfish OS Lemmenjoki


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Good Working under

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The patch doesn't work on Jolla C after update to

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Strange, it worked for me.

What about removing / reinstalling?

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Can not unapply it. ( Am i the only ?

After uninstalling all other patches, i was able to uninstall..

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Hi, what about enabling this feature also in the home screen when dragging down the top menu staeting from the middle of the screen? Tell me if I didn't explained it clearly :D

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Hi on Jolla C with EA 3
0.0.5 not working. :(

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Love you man for that must have patch!

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This by far the best patch (wonder why they removed it from the ui in the first place.)
Thanks for the prompt update.

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Unfortunately, this patch is not working with the last update.

Can you take a look on it?


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In fact it's working: as I use a mix of patches (former patches and new ones in the web catalog) managed by Patchmanager3, I have to apply them in a certain order to ensure all are working properly.

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Enabling this patch now makes the Gestures option in Settings inaccessible. Could you take a look and fix this?

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@eugenio Unfortunately this patch is not working with the latest Aurajoki release (early access yet). :(

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Fixed ;)

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Excellent, Thanks!

Beer money is coming...

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Received, thank you :)

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Thanks for updating the patch so I can use Alinas powermenu patch alongside. I had the idea, if this patch could even be integrated with this powermenu such that I get 2 threshholds. One closes active app up to say 20% and up to 40% locks device (Alinas patch has a button for closing active app). If no app is open, first threshold also locks device. What do you think?

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Hi eugenio,

Currently your patch is conflicting with my patch quick settings on power menu. I looked into the code and it's just because of one line: 112th in your diff file. Can you please remove it manually to make it compatible with that patch?

Unfortunately I can't do this, because I'm editing that line in the patch.

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Sorry for the late response, for some reason I haven't got an e-mail about this comment.

I'm looking at my diff and that is only a context line. I can't remove it as I don't generate my diffs manually but I will put the lockIndication declaration further up so that it won't get included.

(I guess I'll wait until the 2.0.1 EA is released, so soon™)

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Ok, thanks!

And seems, by the way, if you are online while somebody's making a comment for you, you won't get notified. The same often happens to me, no emails for comments because I'm keeping OpenRepos window (tab) open. No problem after all.

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In the end it was "my" fault, they went into the spam folder (don't know why, previously I received them normally in my inbox).

Anyway, latest removes the conflict with your patch :)

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Hello guys, just kind of stumbled on the patch, and installed the latest one, but there is no setting for it in gestures, and it refuses to apply, how do I get it working, I love the idea of the patch and already find it quite useful, I am on Saimaa (

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You probably have some other patches that conflict with mine.

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Not sure what, but something went wrong. After installing and applying the patch, I can't enter Settings ->System -> Gestures page anymore – and the patch doesn't work.

If I unapply the patch and restart lipstick, the Gestures page is accessible again. It does, however, still have settings for Swipe to lock. Unistalling the patch and reinstalling lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 don't restore the original Gestures page.

Before installing this patch, I had Faster Pulley Menus and Allow Apps rotation installed and applied. The same very combo works on my other Jolla. The only difference is that the working phone has English UI while the other one is set to Finnish.

Any suggestions how the revert the Settings -> System -> Gestures back to system default and/or how to make the patch work?

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The Gesture page is provided by jolla-settings-system: unapply every patch and then try reinstalling that package.

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Thank you, this is excellent patch and makes using the phone much more enjoyable!

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Thanks to you :)

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I had multiple patches installed that modified the lock mechanism. After unapplying both simultaneously I lost all my status bar entries. All blank space now. Any idea where to start looking?

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Disable *every* patch that modify the homescreen, then fire up a terminal and:

pkcon install lipstick-jolla-home-qt5

Then restart lipstick with

systemctl --user restart lipstick.service

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Got it fixed somehow, but thanks for that description. Might come in handy some other day as I imagine I'll run into similar issues out of carelessness.

Really nice would be a proper visual hint on what the threshold actually means. Maybe a grey overlay during configuration could help out?

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Hm, I think the configuration then will become too cumbersome. The threshold is simply the percentage of screen height / width (on landscape).