by yajo
Applock Are you tired of not knowing who is using your apps? Now you can easy lock apps on your Phone with a special password you can choose freely....
by eugenio
Starting with Sailfish OS 2.0, Jolla removed the swipe to lock functionality. This patch restores it, without dropping the new "PowerKey/Top menu". A...
Customizable Power Menu for Sailfish Now with Swipe To Lock!! There's a tutorial at the end of this description on how to enable Swipe to...
Patch merged with Ancelad's Enhanced Power Menu Check it out here! Uninstall this patch before installing the new one. Patch for SailfishOS
by hooddy
A lock screen icon for Nokia N9. Please note: this app is just turn off screen of your Nokia N9 and don't lock it, so please don't use it if you set...
by HtheB
Do you also hate to enter a password each time you lock the screen? Tired of going through all those menus, just to change the time to lock your...