Patch: Show all indicators on lockscreen

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Makes Bluetooth and Location indicators visible on lock screen and thus on Sneak Peek.


Feature request on TJC

Requires patchmanager

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2.2.0-2: Solved possible compatibility issue with patchmanager 3

2.2.0-1: SFOS compatibility update


  • Updated for 2.1.0
  • Fix empty space betweem location and connectivity indicators when bluetooth is off.


isgursoy's picture

Up to date xperia, no luck.

saunderson's picture

hi alina,
great idea fixing this missing feature!
installing your patch is no problem, but applying it failed.
os version is i also unapplied and even uninstalled all patches affecting homescreen, but no luck.
what could be the problem ?

kibet85's picture

getting a failed to install patch when i try and enable it..

alina's picture

Can you try without other patches? This patch is editing status bar.