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Update python3-lxml only for SailfishOS >!

Watch results and rankings of european soccer leagues!

This application shows results and standings of european football leagues. Use the pulley menus to navigate and click on the header of the first page to change the league. Feel free to write bug reports and feature requests in the comments on

Please add my repository, otherwise you have to build and install python3-lxml manually to run this application.

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-12.noarch.rpm60.49 KB10/08/2016 - 21:34
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-13.noarch.rpm60.66 KB18/09/2016 - 17:58
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-14.noarch.rpm60.74 KB19/05/2017 - 18:19
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-15.noarch.rpm56.69 KB12/10/2017 - 19:29
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-16.noarch.rpm57.05 KB27/10/2017 - 10:23
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-17.noarch.rpm66.07 KB01/12/2018 - 18:20
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-18.noarch.rpm66.18 KB16/01/2019 - 22:04
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-19.noarch.rpm68.78 KB24/05/2020 - 19:31


  • bug fix for bundesliga 1,2,3


  • bug fix for bundesliga 1,2,3


  • data source changed from http to https


  • optimized ui, especially cover ui when 1-3 games take place at the same time
  • added a 5 min timer to update the view


  • some ui changes for devices with higher resolutions like XperiaX and JollaC


  • fix for 2.Bundesliga


  • broken tables for 1.+2. Bundesliga fixed


  • fixing 2.Bundesliga


  • fixing 1.+2.Bundesliga (no promises that live ticker and match info works)


  • bugfixing


  • added match preview und live ticker for 1. and 2. Bundesliga (sorry, not possible for other european leagues because data is not available)
  • bugfixing


  • fixed bug (updating after watching standings didn't work for some leagues)
  • fixed bug in league selection
  • date should follow system language now


  • added more european leagues (not all tested, so there might be bugs)


  • changed data source, old one was gone :/


  • tiny update for final matchdays, enhanced cover view/actions


  • added first league of portugal and second league of turkey
  • sorry, no bugfixing or new features due to lack of time


  • league name corrections
  • app remembers last selected league
  • fixed some minor bugs


  • fixed bug (not all matches got matchinfo)


  • added cover functionality
  • added matchinfo (press on live or finished game)


  • fix bug for ui and data in rankings
  • added swiss and 2nd spain league


monkeyisland's picture

Hello first of all great app. By the way the scores and playdays for the 2. Bundesliga are not working.


EmaNymton's picture

thanks for reporting!

please try new version 0.2-12, 2.Bundesliga should be fixed.

monkeyisland's picture

Great your fix is faster than a flash..... :)
what can i say it works.
Thank you

DameCENO's picture

Sorry for being a late comer, have always tried installing this app with no success , with warehouse the error libsailfishapp-launcher not found... needs advice on how to lproceed

EmaNymton's picture

strange, libsailfishapp-launcher should be in jolla's main repository. could you open a terminal and show the output of

[nemo@Jolla ~]$ pkcon get-details libsailfishapp-launcher

or may be a manual

[nemo@Jolla ~]$ pkcon refresh



DameCENO's picture

<p>HI and thanks a million for the reply, I am always so grateful when one tries to help me out, and I just want you to know how

here is the output
[nemo@Jolla ~]$ pkcon get-details libsailfishapp-launcher
Obtention des détails
Attente dans la file
Description du paquet
package: libsailfishapp-launcher-1.0.10-10.7.1.jolla.
license: LGPL
group: programming
description: This package contains "sailfish-qml", the pu
re QML Sailfish app launcher.
size: 9421 bytes

the second pkcon refresh is giving me that familiar SSU auyhentication failed bullshit, had it when I tried activating something sometime back, got it fixed back then, can't recall how I did it... noticed my device selects which repos to use and this should be associated to it. Any ideas? would be appreciated

DameCENO's picture

Was able to solve the pkcon refresh fatal error with the combination of commands

ssu domain sales

ssu re

then pkcon refresh worked again, and the app has been installed successfully. Thanks for the help man, but I can only see Bundesliga, aren't other European leagues handled, like Barcklays?

MY bad, have located the option, thanks very much for the awesome app

pagis's picture


Thanks for the nice app, I've noticed tho that for the greek super league shows the dates one day earlier.

monkeyisland's picture

Great App. Can you edit the clock times?
Because the times dont match with german times.
an example: The matches on Saturday begins 15:30 Uhr
in the app 14:30 Uhr.

EmaNymton's picture

hopefully fixed in 0.2-10 ;)

bertjefred's picture


First of all, great app I love to use it on the phone. I recently received the jolla tablet, but despite being a noarch rpm. It does not install. Do you have any idea why? And will you try to suppoert this? 

I am always available for testing if you need that. Thanks Kind regards and keep up the good work.

EmaNymton's picture

I ordered the tablet, but wasn't one of the first wave :/

I  definitely will try to port it to the the tablet. Sailgoal uses python (pyotherside+qml) and the lxml-module from python, which I compiled long time ago for the jolla phone. Maybe that's the problem. If you could try to install Sailgoal via terminal you should see an error message, maybe this reveals, why it doesn't install.


krat3r's picture

Thanks for the update, but the portuguese "Liga Nos" is not working, it just keeps loading and nothing happens.

lispy's picture

Perfect! Thanks for the update...

alina's picture

Date format doesn't follow system language.

EmaNymton's picture

yes, data source is german and date/time is not yet converted into locale settings. Trying to fix this in one of the next updates.

JollaPhot's picture


die wichtigste App auf SailfishOS ist wieder da, danke!

Kann man denn nicht mehr zwischen den Spieltagen wechseln?

Nochmal: Danke!

EmaNymton's picture

Leider nein, man bekommt immer nur die Daten vom aktuellen Spieltag! Finde ich auch doof ist aber leider nicht zu ändern.

matimilko's picture


Good app. Maybe You can add Slovenia 1liga?

And returning from slected league to go back is better to use RIGHT swipe Or in league results LEFT swipe for table?

EmaNymton's picture

sorry, Slovenia is not available.

Going right in league selection is a bug, I'll try to fix it in the next update. Thanks!

foufoutos's picture

and greek super league next update ty

EmaNymton's picture

Your wish is my command! ;)

elastic's picture

any news? I know it's a lot of work for a small audience but I miss the app so much ...

lispy's picture

So sad to hear this. I was eager to check the stats yesterday but then I read this. I know, nothing is more frustrating then doing the same work over again. But please keep it up... Sailgoal is a great and much needed app!

casanunda's picture

Hi! How are the chances of getting a new, working version in time for start of Bundesliga?

EmaNymton's picture

Sorry for that answer, but I'm really busy atm, but I found a new data source, so maybe in a few weeks.

casanunda's picture

OK, thanks for the answer. I was in fact expecting this.

I'll just wait for whatever comes, whenever it comes... ;-)

What data source are you planning to use?

heubergen's picture

Would it be possible to add toholed support?

For example this app ( has it, here some pictures from that:

You find here the api documentation.

EmaNymton's picture

Seems possible, but I don't have toholed to test and it seems to be sold out, but I'll keep your idea in mind.

Mau97's picture

Hi,I like your app and... Can you port it to MeeGo/Harmattan?