Social Networks

by setter
Version 3.05 When you login you must quickly disconnect from internet when it loads the facebook login page. Enter the userID and password, click on...
Friends-Integration allows deeper integration between Friends and SailfishOS. Beware: beta packages, can break your system. Read http://talk.maemo....
by zaidk9
Tweetian is a feature-rich Twitter app for Symbian and Harmattan, powered by Qt/QML. It comes with a simple, native and amazing UI that will surely...
by zaidk9
Integrate your online and offline worlds. pokenMOBILE enables you to easily create a social business card, so you can instantly share your profile...
facebook chat
Mod,small iconpack that replaces the default icons in the status of social networks, and makes a similar icq. What would it all back just delete the...
by yekmen
Mee500px is a 500px client ( Smooth, swipe like, user frindly. What else ? :D
by mike7b4
Unofficial Jolla Together is a "clientapp" for Functions so far: * List questions * Filter by Closed, Answered, Unanswered...
Receive updates from your friends on StatusNet services such as StatusNet is a federated free software microblogging platform. This app...
by bibek
ShareBoard 1.0.0 A small app to fast-share a status update or post to both social networks, FB and Twitter, from a single page. The app loads up...
Friends is a nice Facebook application. It provides many features that the stock Facebook integration in Sailfish OS do not provide. This openrepos...