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Awesome mobile twitter client for MeeGo Harmattan with personality. Full of features and stunning design, Rocket is a social media tool for all your needs.

Support forum thread on Talk Maemo Org:


  • Compose/delete tweet
  • 11 picture upload services: Twitter, TwitPic, Yfrog, Mobypicture,, Posterous, TwitGoo, Pikchur, TwitrPix, Twitvid, Twipple
  • EventFeed integration
  • Username auto-completion in the Tweet editor
  • Home, Mentions, Messages timelines
  • Unique feature "Undo tweet"
  • Search, Conversations, Favorites, Lists
  • Block user, Report for spam
  • Retrieve saved searches
  • Dark and Light themes
  • Font size customization
  • Copy tweet text or url
  • Change user profile and photo from within the app
  • Mentions, Direct messages, Following notification
  • Save URLs from tweets to Pocket, Instapaper or for reading later
  • View geo location on the map
  • View user's following list/profile/tweets/photo/website
  • View tweets with highlighted details of images/links/hashtags etc...
  • View web sites in external browser
  • View images in the app hosted on twitter, twitpic, flickr, yfrog, movapic, molome, youtube, instagram, picplz, lockerz,,, and direct urls. 32 services supports!
  • Pebble SmartWatch support via RockWatch application.
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File rocket_0.0.7_armel.deb868.81 KB21/05/2014 - 01:15
File rocket_0.0.7.1_armel.deb869.81 KB08/06/2014 - 13:09

rocket ( stable; urgency=low
* Username at home screen changed


dini's picture

This is really nice! Still works July 2016.  I had to sign in a couple of times and re-launch to see any tweets (just after my first install) but after that it is now perfect. 

purplewakanda's picture

Works like a charm :)

Udemzy's picture

Thanks for still supporting meego!!! :)

frankosta's picture

SailfishOS needs a good client for twitter like this. Or the Tweetian, but Tweetian - as well the 4sail - are presenting problems with QT5 libraries Location, unable to interact with the GPS, if the Rocket doesn't have the same bug, launch soon to SailfishOS! Please!!!!