by eson
Four different colored light ambiences based on abstract background images.
by eugenio
This patch allows to select the Silica color scheme (Dark / Light) on Ambiences. Works on SailfishOS 3.0.0+. GitHub project page. If you like my work...
  A simple theme featuring the new SFOS 3 ambience as shown by Jolla at MWC 2018. It's not official, i'm just sharing it in case someone would like...
A simple torch app, originally written for the LG Nexus 5 (codename "hammerhead") port of Sailfish OS. Uses GStreamer by default, with hardware...
by Baspar
ToggleLight is just a little Puzzling game I developped to practice Qt, the SDK and Silica in general. You just have to switch off every light, by...