by nephros
The olsrd mesh routing daemon.
by beidl
NOTE: Requires GhostCloud from the Jolla store or OpenRepos. Provides additional functionality for GhostCloud: * Daemon to automatically back up...
Build of Transmission for use with Clutch, the Silica frontend for Transmission. This build uses different settings to NielDK's build, mostly things...
by cnlpete
This is a tablet build of the app from beidl for conveinience, until beidl accepts the tablet required merge requests on github.   NOTE: Requires...
by smoku
Unofficial Pebble watch support for SailfishOS/Jolla More information about Pebble: http://getpebble.com Report bugs and request features at GitHub
by iktwo
Remove the sim shortcut. This application is a daemon and it should work automatically on PR 1.3, if you have a lower firmware and you are still...
by iktwo
Auto answer application, this app runs in background (daemon), so after installation you won't get an icon in the menu, you will get a new entry in...
by HtheB
Please get the newest version from Smoku's own repository. Just search for "Pebble" in the Warehouse. Pebbled is an app that lets your phone connect...