Wunderfitz (deprecated, don't use)

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Deprecated/Don't use!

Please go to https://openrepos.net/content/werkwolf/wunderfitz to find the full versions!


Version 1.0
- No bugs discovered/reported over the last months, also feature complete, finally calling it 1.0
- Dutch translation by d9h02f
- Heinzelnisse dictionary update from May 6, 2017

Version 0.5
- Bugfix for case-sensitivity in Non-ASCII searches (e.g. search for capital Umlauts didn't yield in results for lower case umlauts). To make the fix work you need to re-import the respective dictionaries. Just use the normal import functionality and the database will automatically be updated if the dict.cc export files are still in the Downloads folder
- Improve readability of cover page

Version 0.4:
- Deletion of dictionaries supported (Use pull down menu on 'Dictionaries' page)
- Notification for successful imports
- Spanish translation by Carlos Gonzalez
- Swedish translation by Åke Engelbrektson
- Slightly more compact UI

Version 0.3:
- Dict.cc support
- Updated vocabulary database to latest Heinzelnisse release (January 7, 2017)
- A lot of UX/UI fixes and improvements


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So far only via PRs on GitHub. I'll probably continue here in the next weeks - including Transifex.

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Great stuff, thank you!

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Hi, nice update.

In the past I used sidudict but it has bug: I enabled too many dictionaries and sidudict starts reindexation each restart of app that leads to crash of app because of too long reindexation. So I want to ask: What will be with Wunderfitz if I add a huge amount of dictionaries? How do you  implement indexation?

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Honestly, I haven't tested a huge amount of dictionaries - just because I don't speak that many languages and because I don't plan a big trip around the world or even Europe (yet). 

Theoretically, it shouldn't be a big issue, just because the indexing is done only once - when you import it. Wunderfitz generates a SQLite database (with FTS4 extension, see https://sqlite.org/fts3.html ) for each dictionary and this already includes all required indexes. Afterwards, only search queries are performed to the database. Moreover, at startup the app only checks which databases are there and opens an initial connection to each one of them so that the dictionary information can be displayed in the combo box and to be ready to be selected by the user. So the memory footprint should be limited to this connection and some metadata information. 

However, if you encounter an issue with a huge amount of dictionaries, please let me know and I'll try to fix the bug(s) which cause that.