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This is offline schedule for conference Akademy 2015.

Application versions: 
File harbour-akademy-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm80.71 KB07/09/2014 - 00:10
File harbour-akademy-0.9-1.armv7hl.rpm1.9 MB16/06/2015 - 16:01



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It’s too bad you couldn’t make it to Akademy this year. I’d be happy to buy you a beer! ☺

Here’s some feedback while I’m still using your app to navigate Akademy:

  • On the first day of Akademy, for some reason, the cover didn’t show the current talk on the main/left view (the second/right view worked). Today, on the second day it seems to work fine for the first two talks (even if 5' late with updating), but then it didn’t change until the talk at 12.05.
  • The app seems to be using GPS all the time, even when I’m not using the apps. I don’t remember if before I clicked “show current position”. This drains battery for no good reason.
  • Clicking on the talker’s name doesn’t no anything. It would be great if it opened up the bio and the talks they are giving.
  • I would prefer to open up the navigation in Poor maps instead of Here maps, but that’s just a minor preference on my side.
  • OSM offline maps implemented in the app are awesome, but it would be even better if more of them were downloaded (i.e. closer up around the places pointed out on the map).
  • Access to Wiki and a link to the IRC channel would be really cool, since there’s where the interesting stuff is.

Ultimately though, thanks for the wonderfull app. I helps me a bunch navigating Akadamy ☺

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Thanks for feedback is very valuable for me.

- I had some problem with timestamps. I have to inspect it yet.

- It is good idea not to drain battery. I will think about it.

- I am not sure, but I think that the details about talkers wasn't available in api.

- the opened app is given by os behavior, i am using Qt.OpenUrlExternaly("geo:latitude,longitude"); The default is here maps. This should be question to poormaps application. Simillary, if you run Qt.OpenUrlExternaly("photo.jpg"), it will open Gallery application. It is question of OS settings.

- It is always tradeoff between rpm size and available level of detail.

- I will make a note about irc and wiki for next year.

I will do some modifications for Flock at Rochester tomorow. I want to make it generally usable for more conferences (guadec, flock, fosdem, akademy, openalt). I will work on that durring this week. I want to publish this at github to make it open for your contributions (it is hard to track it here).

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With FOSDEM 2016 just around the corner …is there any chance of FOSDEM support happening soon? That’d be awesome and earn you at least a beer or two in Brussels :)

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I have released it here:


And also here for android:


Unfortunatelly, I cannot make it to Brussels to drink beer with you. Enjoy

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I will look on it. I am not sure if I can release it fast enough.

Some news about conference app are in blog.


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It seems, the API is currently not working. I am using this URL: https://conf.kde.org/en/Akademy2015/public/schedule.xml

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Cool stuff!

Will you update it for the 2015 edition as well? That’d be awesome :)

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I made rebase for 2015. Contains offline map with places, favorite talks. Some feedback would be awesome. Unfortunatelly, I will not attend this year.