Ultimate Codec Support

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Metapackage for installing additional codecs (459 pcs) not officially supported by Jolla. You will need to enable the "sailfish_lib" repository too.


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File ucs-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm1.65 KB09/01/2014 - 04:17


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Ultimate Codec support couldn't be installed (SailfishX because "nothing provides libgstaudio-0.10.so"

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There a few bugs I would like to report with the use of this codec pack

Firstly there is no real support for flv format as the flv videos show with these oblique lines that makes it impossible to see the video, I think it is safe to say codec doesn't support flv.

Secondly some videos, as I noticed with some 3gp and even mp4 videos loose their sound after about a minute of playing. The sound comes back when the seeking bar is used, just to loose the sound after about a minute of playing.

Thanks for the codec and I hope my bug report is appropriate

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Sorry for asking a dumb question: How can I enable sailfish_lib repository?

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Well, you do just as you do for any other repo, go to a package from the user and enable it. *hint* Category -> Libraries

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Thanks for the reply. I actually tried it first, searched for "sailfish_lib" with no result. That's why I asked.

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Aha! My bad. I thought "sailfish_lib" is what the file's called, now I noticed it is the "developer's name". Apology.

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First of all, thanks for the codec suport. However, I have a problemplayng back MPEG transport streams containing either mpeg2 or h264 video. Streams with h264just won't play giving an internal stream error and while mpeg2 streams start playing, there's no color apart from a couple of random color smudges, but crashes after a while with SIGSEGV.

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Thanks for the feedback but it would be nice if you would use this thread on TMO for discussions about codecs, TIA:


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Ciao ,io non ho capito come fare ad installare i (459) codecs ho gia abilitato la repo sailfish_lib