File Browser (abandoned)

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File Browser for Sailfish OS

A minimal file browser tool to view files on Sailfish OS

This version is abbadoned. Please reffer to

### Features

 * Browse and search files and folders on the phone
 * Open files (if xdg-open finds a preferred application)
 * Preview JPEG, PNG and GIF files
 * Play back WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC audio
 * Install Android APK and Sailfish RPM packages
 * View contents of APK, RPM, ZIP and TAR packages
 * View contents of text and binary files
 * Select multiple files (by tapping the file icons)
 * Cut, copy and paste files (move/copy files) (by long pressing an
   item or tapping the file icons)
 * Rename files and folders
 * Create new folders
 * Delete files and folders (by long pressing an item or tapping
   the file icons)
 * Show hidden files (filenames starting with a dot)
 * Change permissions

Original author: Karip
All thaks for him.

Source code:

Original source code:


Application versions: 
File harbour-file-browser-1.7.3-0.armv7hl.rpm148.48 KB21/08/2018 - 19:34



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The Sailfish built in browser lost that functionality three or four updates ago (at least in Jolla1, which is the one I've got). Since that seems impossible to add on this, is there anything that can be done? Thanks in Advance.

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Is it possible to see a bluetooth paired device in FileBrowser?

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Use the sailfish built in browser for sending over bluetooth. Settings/Storage/Mass memory/ and then choose 'File manager' from the pulley menu at the top. Find the item you want to send, long press on it and choose 'Share', the sharing dialog opens, select Bluetooth and the rest is obvious :)

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Curious what the difference to the File browser in the Jolla Store (by kari(p), also at version 1.7.3 and seemingly still maintained) is, I took a look at the source code repositories at Github you linked to and found no difference.

Maybe you want to add a line in the description (here at OpenRepos), what the purpose of this "fork" of File browser is, e.g. "This is an unaltered version of the File browser by Kari in the Jolla Store, making this versatile file browser available for e.g. devices running a "community image" of SailfishOS (i.e. without the Jolla Store app).", if that was the primary intention.

Such a clarification would prevent the need to retrace the little research I did in the future, again.

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Hi wiktorek, File Browser has long been developed to version 1.8.0 in Jolla store (by karip), and is now continued by me.

Would you mind removing this app to avoid confusion? Or, if you prefer, please update it to the latest legacy version (1.8.0) and clarify the description?

Thank you!

wiktorek140's picture

Added info its abandoned. Added link to your version.

Happy coding!

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Thanks :)