Siilihai web forum client

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Siilihai is an application and web service for reading web forums. With Siilihai you can easily and quickly read the discussions on many forums. Instead of manually using the web browser to go to different forums, you see all your forums in a single compact application. This is the mobile version of Siilihai.

Application versions: 
File harbour-siilihai-mobile-2.1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm315.07 KB25/03/2014 - 19:59
File harbour-siilihai-mobile-2.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm316.5 KB28/03/2014 - 19:43
File harbour-siilihai-mobile-2.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm277.57 KB03/06/2015 - 18:42

2.2.0 Built against newer libsiilihai with several fixes. Error handling UI changes.

2.1.1 Settings fully implemented, some UI niceties.

2.1.0 Support for posting and replying, UI polisihing, bugfixes.

2.0.8 UI improvements and removal of some assert failures in favor of errors.

2.0.7 fixes a freeze if message contains [url] tag without end tag.


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Are you still developing this app?

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Mobile version - not at the moment. I've been working on the desktop version mostly but I'll continue work on the mobile version sometime. Current version is quite old. I'll delete it from the repos if it stops working. I'd also like to make a version based on silica widgets to properly look like a Sailfish app.

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Very nice app. I like the latest UI improvements. Would it be possible to add some visual or tactile feedback when pressing buttons? Especially when I press “Download more messages” it can take a while on slow internet connections and sometimes I am unsure whether I pressed the button or missed it.

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Good suggestion, i have noticed this also myself. Created ticket:

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Done in 2.1.0

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Any chance of a button to "Mark all as read"? I just subscribed to two forums that I've been reading for quite a while, and they have thousands of messages and at least hundreds of threads. Siilihai shows all of them as unread, even though I gave my account details to authenticate. Also, are you planning to add the functionality to reply/start a new thread, or will Siilihai be only for reading?

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Done in 2.1.0.

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Great, thanks! Just updated and it works nicely.

I still do have a problem that when I try to scroll a long list of subforums the screen is always scrolled all the way up or down. Sometimes it keeps scrolling slowly for a while after I lift my finger, but as soon as it comes to a stop it quicly scrolls to either end, depending on which one I was going to/is closer. This makes it pretty difficult to access subforums near the middle of the list, as I need to tap on them while still scrolling.

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Mark all read can be done quite easily and you can already do that with the desktop client. Posting is also possible with desktop client and will be implemented in mobile version.  It works only with TapaTalk forums, but most of them are TT. Thanks for feedback.

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Haven't seen that bug before. The config files are in .local/share/Siilihai - you can delete it from terminal with "rm -rf .local/share/Siilihai". It should recreate the forum database so this error shouldn't occur again.

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Could you reset my Siilihai acount? It's causing the same problem after logging-in. But thanks for fast help!


EDIT: I'm now using it without logging-in and it works very well. Thank you! This app is awesome!

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Could you contact me at I'd like to get the issue properly fixed.

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Nice app, but when I tried to log in to Avsim, I entered wrong password and now when I start the app I receive "Could not open forum database file...."


Uninstallation doesn't help, I should remove all Siilihai's files, but I don't know where i can find them?

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The config files are in .local/share/Siilihai - you can delete it from terminal with "rm -rf .local/share/Siilihai". It should recreate the forum database so this error shouldn't occur again.

I have not been able to reproduce this bug myself yet.