Hungarian Keyboard with Arrows

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Hungarian keyboard with 2 or 4 arrow keys for SailfishOS 2.1.0.x and up. Includes the official Jolla provided Hungarian layout from 2.1.4.x along with the previous unofficial qwertz layout (which has been renamed).

After install, please enable wanted keyboards in Settings->System->Text Input->Keyboards.

Requires package Arrow Keyboard Common. If it isn't automatically installed, please install manually.

The Hungarian QWERTZ layout by Timur Kristóf + SFOS 2.0 fixes by martonmiklos, original layout file in pastebin. SFOS 1.0 Hungarian Keyboard package by penguin.

For text prediction see Hungarian keyboard with arrows and presage based text prediction from the sailfish-keyboard repo.

Application versions: 

- Use better suffix for old unofficial qwertz layouts


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Dead keys FTW!