Hungarian Keyboard

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This keyboard is not supported anymore. In case there are any issues with installer, you are free to unpack the installation pack and fix those. In case you want to change the functionality, you are free to do that too. All source code is available with the keyboard. 

Custom Hungarian keyboard layout to SailfishOS. Download and install the package and keyboard layout will be ready to use.

Spacebar row deadkey location is configurable. Press symbol key (?123/ABC) four seconds or longer and dead key swaps from left to right or right to left. Configuration is persistent and global for all Custom Keyboards having dead key on spacebar row.

Change log:


  • Updated for SailfishOS 1.1.4 compatibility
  • Supports split keyboard
  • Text prediction disabled as there is no support for Hungarian language in SailfishOS
  • Won't install on SailfishOS older than 1.1.4
  • No need for keyboard-custom-common anymore


  • SailfishOS compatibility update
    • enables layout automatically after install
    • deadkey placing restored correctly
  • Incompatible with SailfishOS releases older than 1.0.4.x
    • won't install on older releases


  • Automatic captioning fixed
  • Last release for SailfishOS and older


  • Spacebar row deadkey location is now configurable. Press symbol key (?123/ABC) four seconds or longer and dead key swaps from left to right or right to left. Configuration is persistent and global for all Custom Keyboards having dead key on spacebar row.


  • Initial version
  • No Hungarian text prediction at the moment
Application versions: 
File keyboard-custom-hu-0.2-1.noarch.rpm7.29 KB09/05/2015 - 19:06


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The topic here invites developers to make localized keyboards built into the Sailfish OS builds.

Please follow this link:

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Thank you for the notification, I have uploaded the 2.0 compatible version there.

AGA's picture

I wrote Penguin a few weeks ago but he didn't answer, therefore I made it a similar layout. It is interested in anyone? If so then i'll try to make a package, but I've never done this before.

Incurred some problems. I am not yet publish.

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Some keyboard related things changed in the 2.0. I have already got a hungarian keyboard working with Sailfish 2.0. I have not created a package yet.

You can overwrite the /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts/custom_hu.qml with this :

and remove the

line from the  /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts/custom_hu.file

Phone reboot or killall maliit-server is required to enforce the changes.

BTW. I would like to include some usability tweaks.

I am not a long time smartphone user, but I think for right handed users (most case) the finger movements to left are easier. For the letters with single accented version (a,e,i) I would move that to the first (leftmost position). I would also remove the non used ÔÒ for e.g. characters they are just confusing and creating typo possiblity.

I am thinking about reordering the oóöő uúüű groups to order them according to their occurence order in our language. (I might overthink this, but it might help the usability a bit.)

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Hi Miklós,

I am following this, since I think this is a MUST HAVE keyboard it is so useful.

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After updating to there is no virtual keyboard anymore. Switch back to english layout, it's working....maybe we have some compatibility issue again...

Macilaci457's picture

I can confirm it has disappeared for me too.

AGA's picture

Same thing happend to me.

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New OS update seems like broke the compatibility.

The virtual keyboard does not come up when the Hungarian keyboard is selected, I had to switch to English in System setup.

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Version 0.2-1 fixes the incompatibility issue.

Macilaci457's picture

It works like a charm! Thank You!

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I like it. Thanks!
I had a system reset today and now it refuses to install on It says error during install but not more. Can you please check?

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How did you try to install and did you install keyboard-custom-common package first?

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Now it works! Thank You! It is very useful!

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Tried with file manager. I didn't remember I installed other package before but I see the note now. I'l try it again.