Personal Web Server

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Serve your MyDocs ("Mass Storage") partition on the local network from this password-protected web server. All requests are logged in the main screen.

For security reasons, the server has to be enabled from the app window - it will not run in the background.

Access your files from any web browser on the same network as your N9. Please only use this application on your own trusted home network - the traffic is not encrypted.

Web page:

Application versions: 
File serverr_1.0.0.deb21.71 KB19/04/2014 - 19:03

serverr (1.0.0) harmattan; urgency=low

* Initial release.


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The main application is workable on my end. Though my new server ( ) is on good configurations I can always do some updates using this.

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Hi can you port your app to sailfish os 2.0 I am using an aqua fish phone.  There is no useful apps with a gui to transfer files into my phone using wifi. If you visit,jolla together etc. you will see most people are frustrated as they cannot use apps like shareit, xender which available for android. Android enjoys an user base of 99% penetration in India. Since a good and affordable internet connectivity is a mirage in India people are used to transfer very large files over wifi using a hotspot connection.  I have found an app called sailserver on the jolla store which can share files without consuming data. But it can only send files from device, but cannot receive anything greater than 10mb size limit to it. (which can be received by a Bluetooth,  there is no need of fast file transfer for transferring a 10mb file)So if you kindly port  app into this alive but small successor of meego, it can change the faith of its limited usage and diminishing value in india