Patch: Launcher combined patch

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Combined patch for homescreen launcher, with fixes from ancelad and me.

Patch only for SailfishOS v2.1.3.7 and 2.2.x.
Fits both phone and tablet.

This patch is incompatible with other launcher patches like Launcher background transparency, etc. and you need to unapply them before using this patch.


  • adding 4 icons style for folder
  • improves folder view by extending it size, moving drop area to header, converting whole view to attached page
  • contains settings applet to change rows and columns count, font and icons size change, text visibility in edit mode, disabling pager scrolling, background opacity and system themed background, 
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Not yet. Would also highly appreciate an update. Thx in advance.

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Is it working with sailfish 3.0 and jolla 1?

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Please update

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Used to work great, but now nothing. Not sure what changed, (sfos 2137, Xperia  X compact community build). Patch installs fine, and no errors when applying, (shows as applied, and launcher settings category shows up), but nothing changes. Using Patchmanager 3...

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Not sure it's due to this remastered patch, but there is an annoying difference with Coderus'original behaviour: tapping on the empty area of the home screen triggers the top row of app launchers only when there is no cover or tombstone displayed.

By the way, SailfishOS does not exist yet.

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@Thaodan, AFAICS "Patch only for SailfishOS v2.1.7.3 ands 2.2.x." should rather be "Patch only for SailfishOS v2.1.3.7 and higher (e.g. 2.2.x).".

Please rectify this line, as "2 1.7.3" is clearly a typo and it is unclear if this Patch is applicable to SFOS 2.1.4.

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Thanks for the comment I fixed the typo.

However I didn't added the higher asd I cant garanty that it will work with > 2.3.x.

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Does NOT work in SFOS .
Is there an isolated 4 icon style folders patch without applet or any other bells and whistles?

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Thank you for this great patch!!!

This is a very helpfull and so much settings - very nice!

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Finally! Someone has continued from coderus great patch, the missing part of my Jolla 1 tweaking since I upgraded to Thanks Thaodan.

Does anyone has any news about coderus? He has kind of vanished from Sailfish related forums, I am worried and would really appreciate knowing he is ok

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Thanks for work, it's very usefull patch at all. I've installed in on all my sailfish devices.

Unfortunatelly, now on my Sailfish OS X v still doesn't work, and probably I must wait for Jolla for upgrading v2.1.3.7. If somebody find out how to run it on SFOS X, pls. share ...

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Nice!! Thank you for sharing!!