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A simple and elegant IRC client for Sailfish OS, based on Qt and the Communi IRC framework.

If you want report a bug or create a feature request please create report here:

Communi also can be installed from Harbour and Chum-Testing.



  • J-P Nurmi - jpnurmi
  • Timur Kristóf - Venemo
  • Robin Burchell - w00t
  • Björn Bidar - Thaodan


  • Stephan Beyerle - Morpog
  • Stanisław Dac - stsdc




Application versions: 
File harbour-communi-0.11-3.1.armv7hl.rpm388.21 KB19/07/2022 - 13:36
File harbour-communi-0.11-3.1.aarch64.rpm418.61 KB19/07/2022 - 13:36
File harbour-communi-0.11-3.1.i486.rpm470.04 KB19/07/2022 - 13:36


What's Changed

  • [data] Disable install for SVG launcher icon. Resolves #194
  • [docs] Update harbour descriptions
  • [docs] Import harbour descriptions from harbour
  • [translations] Update source translations. #126
  • [backend] Update libcommuni to 3.7. Resolves #193
  • [qml] Set notification timestamp from relating message. Resolves #191
  • [app] Pass timestamp from IrcMessage to notifications. #191
  • [qml] Remove "IRC:" prefix from notifications. Resolves #190
  • [app] Align DBus with application- and organizationname. Resolves #169
  • [qml] Defined appname and icon for notification. Fixes #180
  • [app] Fix contributors list being empty. #168
  • [data] Don't check if target path exists when installing icons. #188
  • [docs] Document chum nightly release process. #184
  • [packaging] Add scripts to tag nightly and push to chum:testing. #184
  • [packaging] Add pkgconfig(mlite5). Fixes #181
  • [app] Workaround QStandardPaths no longer working if org is set. #168
  • [app] Use AppConfigLocation for settings path. Contributes to #168
  • [data] Add Sailjail profile desktop file. #167 #168
  • [app] Set OrganizationDomain from Desktop file and pass to app. #168
  • [app] Move migrateConfig to SettingsProxy and refactor
  • [qml] Remove last remant of IRC. Contributes to #158
  • [Github] Add template for feature requests
  • [Github] Add template for bug reports
  • [data] Generate app icons add build time. Resolves #156
  • [QMakeFiles] Add copy of sailfishapp.prf that doesn't install data
  • [doc] Replace Freenode with Libera
  • [qml] Replace mentions of Freenode for Libera
  • [translations] Add base translation file, update others. Resolves #164
  • [app] Escape lines from CONTRIBUTORS file in aboutdata. Fixes #161
  • [all] Renamed from IRC to communi. Fixes #158
  • [qml] Define default action. Fixes #154
  • [qml] Bump Communi imports to 3.5
  • [backend] Update to 3.6
  • [app] Read Contributors from CONTRIBUTORS file
  • [qml] Use Label for application name in AboutPage and center
  • [app] Set QCoreApplication metadata from AboutData
  • [qml] Add application icon to AboutPage
  • [qml] Use AboutData for description in AboutDialog
  • [qml] Use AboutData to query displayName
  • [qml] Convert AboutDialog to AboutPage
  • [app] Add AbouData class to query metadata from
  • [packaging] Cleanup spec file
  • [translations] Update source translations
  • [app] Replace QCoreApplication::translate() where there is no l18n
  • [translations] Build and install translations
  • [app] Load translation if found
  • [translations] Add some translation source files
  • [qml] Use qsTr() on some additional strings
  • [qml] Remove last remant of Quassel support
  • [qml] No longer use deprecated Silica function
  • [qml] Allow landscape orientation in the setttings page

Full Changelog: v0.10...v0.11


norayr's picture

can communi be ported to some other linux system other than sailfish? it is really cool and i enjoy it a lot, but i'd like to enjoy it on some pinephone os, like postmarketos and manjaro.

Thaodan's picture

There's a desktop version called Communi-Desktop that uses the same framework but with a different ui:

apozaf's picture

No more IRC Client for aarch64, it's just sad. The dev gives a shit bout any requests

norayr's picture

i like the program. are the logs kept somewhere? if they are, and it is a db, not plain text files, how to work with db to extract logs and convert to plain text?

skv's picture

Tried the app on a clean Sailfish OS I see only 'Welcome to IRC: pull  down to add a network' and can't do much. As I pull down screen goes slightly darker, but nothing happens. There is inactive 'Accept' button in the right upper corner. Maybe I should accept something, before using the app, but I just can't.

Version used: harbour-communi-0.10-1.12.1.jolla.armv7hl


If the app is running from terminal

$ /usr/bin/harbour-communi       
[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[W] unknown:0 - QMetaType::registerTypedef: -- Type name 'Communi::IrcUserModel*' previously registered as typedef of 'Communi::IrcUserModel*' [1154], now registering as typedef of '::Communi::IrcUserModel*' [1139].
szopin's picture

It seems to disconnect/reconnect very often (like 2-3 times per hour when on the move, bit less while stationary) and no warnings-errors when the sent chat messages are not received (had a small conversation with myself on #mer, until thought about checking the logs and yup, none of them got through), been testing device-built irssi to see if this is a global thing due to mobile phone connectivity and cannot reproduce with it, seems to stay connected so far for 2.5h straight, maybe some qt bug

edit: yeah irssi went on for 8h without any hitches, definitely something with the qt side of things

JacekJagosz's picture

For me after a few hours of using it it just stops receiving messages, but still stays connected. Only when I try to send a message it disconnects from all channels. It is extremely infuriating, I might be in the middle of a conversation, stop receiving notifications wiyhout any warning, and realise an hour later loosing a lot.
Could you please add warning or best automatic reconnect to channels?
Using Freenode on Jolla 1

Thaodan's picture

Never noticed something like this.

Can you debug this further, provide logs and post a bug on github?

JacekJagosz's picture

Would it be possible to implement automatic reconnect to channels? If I lose connection it reconnects to Freenode but not to any channels I was connected to.

Thaodan's picture

Aand without logs I can't help you..

atlochowski's picture

I removed your repository and add it again and's possible to install your app

atlochowski's picture

Yes, there is only one version and it's impossible to install it through storeman. I removed app through storeman and tried to install it again and there is no option to install it.

Thaodan's picture

Have you looked again?
Now there should be only one version at Openrepos. Have you installed it through the Jolla store before?

atlochowski's picture

After publishing new version it was impossible to me to download it through Storman and install it.

The only way to install newest version was download it from openrepos website and install from rpm package.

For some reason Storeman can't see the newest version.

Historyscholar's picture

☺ Awesome

Kabouik's picture

Hey, thanks for the app. Using it regularly since the first version released in the early age of Sailfish.

Is DCC a planned feature? It would be awesome to have it.

Thaodan's picture

If the core supports it I'll try.

flypig's picture

I used to get reboots (see my earlier comments!), but since upgrading to SFOS3 (Sailfish X on Xperia X) I no longer experience them. That's using the version from the Jolla Store.

Piece_Maker's picture

My Sailfish X doesn't reboot with this app, but I've got another odd problem compared to the Jolla store version - I'm in a lot of developer-oriented rooms who have auto github bots and the like, but the bot posts seem to just appear in whatever channel I've actually selected rather than keeping themselves in their own channel.

I've tried flicking the switches in the settings panel but it's still happening!

mika77's picture

Thanks for updating the app. Now it is possible to install it. It has a bug (not sure if is the app or Sailfish X bug) when I try to use ir in my Xperia (single sim mode) it makes my phone to reboot. Steps to reproduce the bug:

1- Open the app

2- Connect to an IRC network

3. Close the app

This steps makes the phone to reboot. If you tell me how to do it, I will be happy to provide you logs or whatever you need to check this :D

Thaodan's picture

Any news on this?

Thaodan's picture

You can enable developer mode, login via ssh on your phone run:

harbour-communi 2>&1 |tee harbour-communi.log

I'm using a Xperia X too and I doubt that's the issue.

flypig's picture

I thought I'd have a go building the source and running it through the debugger, but calling git submodule update --init gives the following:

fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.
fatal: clone of 'git://' into submodule path 'src/3rdparty/quassel' failed

Can I get this code from anywhere else?

Thaodan's picture

You need to use a different branch, my branch is lyro_merge.

flypig's picture

I also experience this on an Xperia X. Everything seems to work fine, but closing the app causes the phone to reboot. It's a real shame, as it's great otherwise. Obviously it isn't really usable if this happens :(

I logged the output over SSH as you suggested, but it doesn't look very interesting:

[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[W] unknown:0 - QMetaType::registerTypedef: -- Type name 'Communi::IrcUserModel*' previously registered as typedef of 'Communi::IrcUserModel*' [1154], now registering as typedef of '::Communi::IrcUserModel*' [1139].