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A geocaching client for SailfishOS.

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Will there be any improvements? If I press "show map" nothing happens. Sailfish X,

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That's because of the fact that I failed to declare dependencies properly. I'm not 100% which package is required: maybe qt5-qtdeclarative-import-location would help? It "just works" on my device, but that's probably because I have something else installed that declared its dependencies correctly :)

As for further improvements, the project is currently in a bit of a hiatus, mostly due to my lack of tuits. I looked into supposting, and it seems to be the choice between writing my own crawler/HTML parser for (which I really don't consider to be time worth spending), or using something like -- which requires either plugging in a 3rd programming language into the project (4th if you count JS and TS separately), or just moving the whole thing to python altogether: which is probably sensible enough, but I just haven't gotten around to it :)

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Very nice implementation. Any chance to add other providers as well (e.g.