Hydra widget platform

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Hydra widget platform allows MeeGo users to run locally installable web applications created for mobile platforms. Currently it supports web applications created for Firefox OS, Tizen, Opera and Symbian platforms, as well as generic W3C widgets.

Comes bundled with a few basic example widgets to demonstrate the capabilities, including Feature demo widget, Google Maps fullscreen widget with Street View and Places search support, Google Drive widget, Stopwatch widget and a Weather Widget. There is even a widget to enable usage of Firefox Marketplace with it's full apps selection. More widgets can be found from multiple sources over the internet.

Currently supported main features:
-Installs any valid widget with .wgt or .wgz file extension via default browser or Bluetooth
-Runs multiple widgets in separate application windows simultaneously
-Complete widget management interface
-Widget update checking and notification on discovery
-Application launcher shotcuts for widgets
-Opera style 'live icon' mode widgets
-W3C widget standards compliancy
-Cordova API support (previously known as PhoneGap)
-Partial WAC specification support

Application versions: 
File widget-runtime_1.4.4_armel.deb1.25 MB06/10/2015 - 16:39

widget-runtime (1.4.4) unstable; urgency=low

* Implemented frame skipping for scrolling to improve responsiveness
* Implemented support or reacting to widget setting changes dynamically (excluding network access policy)
* Implemented support for disabling data encryption
* Added TCP port (when non-standard) to list of allowed network addresses shown on details view
* Added translation for Finnish language
* Improved some of the installation error messages
* Core support for desktop build
* Fixed file selection sheet scroll position not resetting when opening a new folder
* Fixed Symbian WRT widget.openApplication() support for UIDs prefixed with "s60uid://"
* Fixed Symbian style content request handling with absolute file paths (i.e. using file protocol instead of trying to use drive letter)
* Fixed handling view modes defined in configuration document to use proper priority order
* Fixed handling of scandinc characters within Mozilla manifest files by properly converting text from UTF-8
* Experimental support for Symbian WRT Platform Services 1.0 Location API
* Experimental support for Symbian WRT Platform Services 1.0 Media Management API
* Experimental support for Symbian WRT Platform Services 1.0 System Information API
* Experimental support for Symbian WRT Platform Services 1.0 AppManager API


smartblu9's picture

In 2020, only the Google Drive runs well.

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Hey man, this is awesome!
Unfortunately FF marketplace doesn't start at all after installation...
GMaps runs fine.
Thanks for the app!

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I removed my upload of the application in order to not mislead users.