Sailfishos patches (advanced)

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This is a set of advanced patches. Most of them affects the homescreen. (This is the old Pandora-Box).

This set of patches requires Pandora-lipstick. Please read this thread on TMO to have more information. And be careful about what you are doing.




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Hello Sfiet_Konstantin,

This is nice patch. Although this has some problem to use with the Better calllog patch that shows the phone numbers in the same place.

Is this normal?

Better call log and call log timestamps on use at the same time:

And with timestamps and without better call log:

(I write this same to Muppis also)

Best Regards,Mikko

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Does not work in Uitukka

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Hi! Installed it just for Unlimited Multitasking, but can't find it there. Whats happend?

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I have problem with one patch in patchmanager after last SailOS update. "Failed to install patch" (Control center in ambience switcher). Applying / Unapplying of the others patches works OK. Is there some known problem on or can I provide some log?

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Can you make a patch so that we see the hour, and the signals of charging missing calls e.o. on the lok sreen?

Like it was / is on the nokia N9.


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Before the installation of the new sailfisch OS, I was happy whit the pathes.

After the update de phone was working without any problems.

Therefore I wanted to instal the pandora lipstick again. But now my phone is blocked, not applicable.

Do you have a solution?


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I'm afraid that you will need to reset your phone (use the recovery).

Or try this:

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Hello, very nice app, one think though, when I mess a bit with the options (you know Unlimited multitasking, 6*5 icons, Control center, the thing with the date) my phone is not able to open apps properly at some point, I can see the tile of the app that means that it is running and I can see that change from loading to running but I cannot actually run the app (I think it might be something with the date). Please check it out because I can't run anything from the icons apps and thus I cannot fix it without a computer (I think)

anyway, thank you for the opportunities that your app brings to my phone (I like to be able to customise the ui a bit)

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HI, simple question, do you have some video of this patche ? I don't want to mess up with phone for nothing :)

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Yes, read the first post of TMO thread, there is an embedded Video