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With UniPlaner You can easily manage your studies or school schedule on your smartphone. Add Your subjects and then add various dates and events for each subject, with additional information like tutor, room, subject and date specific notes, calendar weeks, day and time data.

UniPlaner supports a 6-day-week (see Settings) and displays your schedule based on the calendar week You are currently in. Switch between days by using the TabBar at the bottom or by simply swiping. Press on an event to see Your notes.

To be added:
- Import and export functions

(screenshots are displaying the German Symbian version, but the UI is also available in English)

Application versions: 
File uniplaner_1.0.37_armel.deb161.2 KB30/03/2014 - 18:07

uniplaner (1.0.37) stable; urgency=low

* Fixed bug while trying to open the page to edit an event