Patch: StartAsRoot for FileCase

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Similar to StartAsRoot for FileCase, but created as patch. It add indicators "NEMO" and "ROOT" to the cover (see screenshot) and you also can open more than one windows as nemo.
REMEMBER: Editing files in root directories can KILL your phone/tablet!

1. Don't forget to unapply patch before you update/reinstall FileCase app!
2. For both Phone and Tablet users - if you update or reinstall FileCase app, you need to UNINSTALL and reinstall this patch (sorry for inconvenient).

Known (possible) issues:
For me it happened only on v2.1.1.12. If app starts as nemo instead as root, try this workaround. For some mysterious reasons the phone sometimes remove "dconf" folder, and you need to recreate it. Do it as root = or as "su" or as "devel-su", try both variations.
mkdir -p /run/user/0/dconf
It should stay here, but sometimes when you close fingerterm, the folder deleted again.

- Changes in SPEC file. Obsoletes changed to Conflicts.

- Fixed white screen of FileCase after first install.
- Fixed path to sdcard (for v2.2.0.29).

- Added some new extensions to allow editing as text:
.c, .py, .qml, .php
.patch, .log, .sms, .h
.pub, .go, .cpp, .js
.yaml, .yml, pem, .md
.xml, .lua, .pl, .ps
- If need more, ask on openrepos:

- Added some new extensions (.c, .py, .qml, .js, .patch, .log, .sms) to allow editing as text. If need more, ask on openrepos:

- Should fix problem with root access.

- Resizable icon.
- Visible full path to the current folder.

- Initial release.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 

- Changes in SPEC file. Obsoletes changed to Conflicts.


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Any plans to do a root patch for the new Fileman?

Schturman's picture

Will check when I have time.

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Schturman - I notice that Filecase, File Browser, etc., show appropriate text color whether dark or light ambience is set, but with 'root' mode, it's always white, so white-background ambience is unusable. Anything we can do for that? Thanks

Schturman's picture

Hmm.. I don't know... Never checked this.  light ambiences is new for 2-3 last updates (if I remember right). Same problem I have with my apps/patches that shown in Setting app. Icon's also not change color and I don't know the reason...
About FileManagers, I don't change nothing in the apps itself, why it not change colors under root, I don't know.

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I have a problem by removing the patch. I get the message in the Screenshot every time i try to update a warehouse-app.

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Probably you updated or reinstalled FileCase app without unapplying patch. This is a reason for your problem.
This is a steps how to remove my packaged (as ROOT):

rpm -e --noscripts sailfishos-filecaseroot-patch
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/filecase/qml/pages/CoverPage.qml.webosinternals.orig
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/applications/filecase.desktop.webosinternals.orig
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/applications/harbour-filecase-root-patch.desktop.webosinternals.orig
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/applications/harbour-filecase-root-patch.desktop
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps/harbour-filecase-root-patch.png
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/filecase/qml/pages/CoverPage2.qml
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/filecase/qml/filecase2.qml
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/filecase/qml/pages/FileInfo.qml.webosinternals.orig
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/filecase/qml/filecase.qml.webosinternals.orig
/bin/rm -f /usr/share/filecase/qml/pages/TransfersDelegate.qml.webosinternals.orig
/bin/rm -rf /usr/share/openrepos-filecaseroot-patch
/bin/rm -rf /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/sailfishos-filecaseroot-patch

in this steps you will completely remove my package from your phone.

Install/Reinstall FileCase from store
Install new version of patch from Openrepos
Apply it.
DON’T forget anymore to unapply patches when you update patched app or system !!!

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I can not use filecase on my XA2 Plus with Sailfish OS

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What it say when you trying to install ?
I don't have XA device and can't check it. For me it work on Sailfish OS with PM2 and PM3
Try to install via terminal and show output.

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It doesn't work in patchmanager 3.0 on my Xperia XA2 Plus.