Patch: Add more calendars

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This patch allow you to create Custom calendars, start importing .ics file and/or add Jewish holidays.
See "How to" inside app.
Big thanks to Dmitriy Purgin for filePicker (Browse button).

- Update for v2.2.1.18 and above.

- QML tuning for v2.1.2.3 and above.
- Added filter .ics to FilePicker.

- Implemented better way to remove "cookie" from timedclient-qt5.

- Now it also can remove timed entries from timedclient-qt5.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)


- Update for v2.2.1.18 and above.


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I haven't tried the patch yet, but is it also possible to import ICS files to existing (i.e. caldav or exchange) calendars?

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I didn't tried, just try to import by clicking on ics file from any filemanager -> open (you don't need patch for this), you have option to choose to which calendar import your ics file.

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Now it works. Thank you

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No problem ;)

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how create without the package?

thia would be enough for me

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Ohhh sorry it's my mistake the package naeme is"cutes-json-js", just run:

pkcon install cutes-js cutes-json-js cutes-narwhal

After this try to create new calendar.

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i do it as root


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ok, it installed after refresh ? Now my app work ?

PS. sorry, didn't see previous answer... It weird that you cant install... maybe jolla repo is down again ? Other 2 packages installed ? Did you tried to create calendar without this package ?

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yes i mean cutes-json

and the pkcon refresh makes nothing better

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couldn't find json :(

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it's not "json", the package name is "cutes-json"

Try first: pkcon refresh

And maybe it better to do this as root.

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Please, install this packages:
pkcon install cutes-js cutes-json cutes-narwhal
After this app should work.

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ok sorry,


i cant create custom calendar, it always say Applying changes: failed


i use an Intex Aqua fish.


may u can help me?

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Open terminal and run this command:
rpm -qa *cute*
Show output here.

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ich kann keine Kalender hinzufügen auf dem Intex Aqua Fish

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Hi. English, Russian or Hebrew please ;)