Mount SD card for Android [REMOVED !]

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If you already installed this app on btrfs formatted sd card, and want safety remove it, please run this command as ROOT before uninstallation!:
sed -i 's/rm -rf/#rm -rf/g' /usr/share/openrepos-mountsdforandroid/

Simple package of mounting SD card for android apps.
Based on this thread:
Thanks to javiermon for solution.

P.S. In this thread Coderus said that this solution not work with btrfs formatrd card.
P.S 2. Strange, but Android whatsapp can't see my pics from sd card... Don't know what the reason.
MXPlayer see my videos from sd card without any problem.

* Service started automatically after installation.
* It will show name of your SD card in: /home/nemo/android_storage
* Icon on the desktop for easy package removing.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)


- First release.


boebbele's picture

Why you removed this great app?? It worked perfect for me.

Where can I download this app?

Schturman's picture

See messages in description or below fro Coderus.
Also, the last system update allow access to sd card, that mean you don't need it anymore.

coderus's picture

DO NOT USE this application with BTRFS formatted sd card. It will not work and after you will remove this application all your data from sdcard and android storage will be deleted!

aQUICK1's picture

Removed  but data from sdcard and android storage still  ok  and  untouched,  thnx!

Schturman's picture

Probably because your sd card is not btrfs formatted...

Moth's picture


Good work - and by the way, I found this one in my secret icon collection... :-)



Schturman's picture

Thank, can add to the next version..

P.S. Strange, but Android whatsapp can't see my pics from sd card... Don't know what the reason.
MXPlayer see my videos from sd card without any problem.

Moth's picture

@Schturman I really don't know. My sdcard is fat32 and it works perfectly with all my Android Apps, but I don't use WA for Android atm. Just a guess: Problem with user permissions? 

Schturman's picture

Don't think, the script put the same permission like on other android files. For me only MXPlayer can see my sd card.

Moth's picture

Yeah true, it's shown mounted as -rw but i can't save anything to sd for example (and it has never been different afaik); so it seems to be mounted as read only, actually. :-(

Maybe WA uses a different approach to access the fs and simply fails with that?

Schturman's picture

Maybe, don't know...

boebbele's picture

Works perfect for me! Thank you very much for this app! Great!!!

robnas's picture

Is it possible with this solution, to install/place maps downloaded with Sygic to the SD-card? I have license for the complete world, but it's 10+ GB and I don't want to pollute the internal memory with that :s

Schturman's picture

Don't know.. Try to put them to sdcard and see if it can work from your app.

penzin's picture

unfortunately, after installation this application android apps still don't see images and videos from native camera app (I have symbolic links to save them on sdcard). what can I do to resolve the problem? thanks

Schturman's picture

after last system update, android apps should see your /home/nemo directories without any modifications...
are your sd card is btrfs formated card ?

penzin's picture

Total commander sees photos and videos on sdcard and even opens them in android gallery. But whatsapp, for example, doesn't. I can send photo from total commader to whatsapp, but it isn't comfortable.

My sd card has ext2 format. Should I reformat it?

Schturman's picture

Sorry, really don't know. I use fat formated and all work for me..

Farlands's picture

HI I need this app. Where can I download it now?

penzin's picture

thanks in any case, I will wait for next update, meybe it will help =)