Google play installer (removed)

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This is a simple installer of Google play. Based on this thread:

When installation finished you will see notification about this, now you can uninstall this package, you not need it anymore :)

Dev mode should be activated and python installed.

Uninstall from launcher screen by long press on the icon -> press on X
or from terminal as ROOT: pkcon remove gplayinstaller

If you want to install this file manually, you have some options:
1. From file browser as USER -> pull down -> install -> wait for notification
2. from terminal as ROOT -> pkcon install-local -y /home/nemo/Downloads/gplayinstaller-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm


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why are there no packages available

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Hello. Can we update version

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Hi Schturman, any chance you could upload a copy of your app to something like dropbox?

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Hhmmmm, I don't think so.. It need some work, testing, repackaging etc... It's more simply to install GP manually once...

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okay, thanks anyway.

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Thank you for doing this, much of help, working great!

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You need to learn what copyright and license means. This is yet another copyright and license violation from you. Google won't grant license for this type of delivery of Google Play. We do not want to loose openrepos as delivery channel for our software just because one developer violates other parties intellectual property rights.

Google Play is not free neither open source application. Google may grant free of charge license to (re)distribute Google Play as part of Androis OS distribution on device that meet Google licensing terms. Jolla does not meet, neither does you installer.

Your installer might be ok to deliver, assuming you own copyright or have permission to redistribute scripts used in installer. However Google APK files can't be redistributed and user of an installer have to downloader those personally from some other source which by the way is illegal distribution too, unless those can be downloaded directly from Google

If you can't find the copyright statement or license terms it does not mean you can freely do whatever with the software. It actually means you do not have a license to do anything with the software.

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ok, I'll remove it too..

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How about re-bundling this package so that it doesn't include the apk:s, but does everything else needed to prepare the installation of the Google apk:s. That would be completely legal. From there, all the user needs to do is find a legal way of getting hold of the apk:s, download and click on them in the download manager or the file browser.

BTW, there is a slightly simpler description than the one at here:

One important difference is that the Google apk's don't need to be started from any particular directory, they can be installed from anywhere, so the user can download to anywhere and install at their leasure.

Further extensions of this package could be to check that the required preconditions are correctly met, such as "install of third party apps" is activated.

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I don't see need for it.. From what Penguin wrote, my script cant operate with this files..
Just use link that you see in the description.
I left this package for myself ;)

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Mainly, I am thinking of users that would like to have Google Play installed, but are unsure of CLI usage. A stripped package would still make it much easier for them to install Google Play by just point and click. The lack of Google Play is an important disadvantage to Jolla Phones, so making it as easy as possible to install Google Play (assuming legal access to the Google Service apks), would be a big help.

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To be honest, user can do all actions explained in my link without using terminal. He can use Filetug, StartAsRoot for Filetug and Dalvik restart apps. It's very simple..
Here is explanation How to install Google Store (Play) without using terminal:
1. Download file to your PC from the link in the description.
2. Extract 3 files:
* Phonesky.apk
* GoogleLoginService.apk
* GoogleServicesFramework.apk
3. Transfer them to your phone for example to Downloads folder.
4. Install on your phone 3 apps:
* Filetug (
* StartAsRoot for Filetug (
* Dalvik restart (
5. Open StartAsRoot for Filetug app and copy this 3 files from Downloads folder to /opt/alien/system/app
Close StartAsRoot for Filetug app.
6. Press on the icon of Dalvik restart on your homescreen.
7. Open Filetug app (NOT ROOT), go to /opt/alien/system/app, press once on Phonesky.apk -> pull down and choose Install. Wait until it finish and Google installed on your homescreen.
Close Filetug app.
P.S. If icon not appeared on the homescreen, restart your phone.
8. Open Play store and start to use.

That's all ;)

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I updated installer, if someone need, send me pm.

dipesh's picture ( legal to redistribute? ) and may good alternates to bundle/offer...

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don't know, and it's for apk files..

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Installed both apps don't work & crash. Also after reboot :(

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do you have google play installed before ?
Dev mod activated ? try to install via terminal as root and show the output...

P.S. Also check if instsllation from other sources alloved: setting-> system -> untrustef software

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No, I did not have GP installed before.

OK, I'll try as root via terminal tomorrow.

Others sources are allowed & devmode is activated (since day 1).

It installed. I have the icon and when I tap it it opens for about 1/4 of a second, I can just make out an Android app start screen.

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try to restart aliendalvik with my app:
or manually as root:
systemctl restart aliendalvik.service
systemctl stop aliendalvik.service
systemctl start aliendalvik.service

after this try to open google store again.

P.S. do you have installed "Android support" from Jolla store ?

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I did;

systemctl stop aliendalvik.service
systemctl start aliendalvik.service

Still a crash.

Yep Android support is installed.


Installed via terminal, seems OK, still crashes though.


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hmm.. it so weird... Maybe try to uninstall android support and install it again from jolla store, aftet this try to install my package again..
Really dont know what the problem..

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OK tried that as well, rebooted for good measure... still no luck :(

I give up for now, let's wait and see if others encounter the same problem after more people installed it.

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It's nice working ;) Thnx

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I am checking out now, it saves time after resetting :-). Thank you Schturman

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Easy ... and it works