Apps after boot

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Choose your prefered apps and phone will start them after reboot.
Inspired by this thread:

* Because of low memory on Jolla phone, it's not recommended to start too much apps.
* For Jolla phone and tablet.

- Small changes in the script.

- Added icons for z1.25 and z2.0.

- Added slider to choose delay interval before starting apps.
- Updated page "How to".
- Fix for auto-restart of lipstick after boot.

- Added delay 120 sec, it will give enough time to the phone to load itself, before starting apps.

- Small fixes in spec file.
- Small changes in .service file.
- Now browser will open site

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 
File startapps-after-boot-0.1-6.noarch.rpm100.62 KB28/09/2016 - 22:23

- Small changes in the script.


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After a forced reinstall (failed upgrade to 4.2) it does not install with message about user nemo not existing.

It is indeed true because at reinstall, it configures the phone with defaultuser instead of nemo.

Would you tweak the install scripts ? Alternatively I can try and do it if I can access the source code.





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All the code is in lockscreen.qml. .. jolla-settings/pages/lockscreen.

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Add more shortcuts .. from Ancelad could show where the code for app choosing is

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Situations has an app chooser

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"Apps after boot" would be so useful, if any installed app can be started by it.  E.g. for starting OSM Scout Server.  But limited to the Jolla apps, it is basically useless (at least for me; I cannot see why one would always prestart a Jolla app on boot).

Maybe you can "steal" the app chooser code (or at least the way it works) from Mimer.

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Sorry, i'm not a programmer and don't know how to do app chooser. For me it still useful, when it automatically open for me all my often usage apps.

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I was just hoping that MIMER's source code may be helpful, as it is already implementing such a chooser for any installed app (and lipstick's Settings --> Apps, too).

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Any possibility to update app to auto start also other  than stock Sailfish apps?

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Could this be updated to look for applications?

AFAICT the current version of Whisperfish doesn't accept messages unless the UI is running, so that would be super useful.

Maybe some other apps could be nice to have on startup as well.

The scaling's off on the Settings item - doesn't look right on the Fairphone2 ;)

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1. what you mean "look for apps" ? It only for stock sailfish apps.
2. about scaling, I don't have Fairphone, and can't imagine how it looks on it...

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I downloaded this, en I was just wondering, if this is only for Sailfish programs?

I downlaoided this to use it to start android whatsapp, but it is not found from the list. Is there some tricks to be done?


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Yes, it's for stock Sailfish apps. To start android apps in background after boot, like whatsapp, just go to Settings-Apps-Your_app-Allow application background services to start on bootup.

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Thanks for this info! Great app, but it did not work in my situation, because WA is only needed app to launch :)

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When we will get official whatsapp app for Sailfish OS, I will add it to the list ;)

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I haven't downloaded yet and if I did, I would vote and comment accordingly, but of course, we have to remember, that there are many, 2 faced ungrateful little shits on this earth and sadly, some of those little shits, frequent openrepos. 
I call them TAKERS and TAKERS, in general, have no respect for others, they GIVE, NOTHING, except abuse when they do say something. Rudeness man, it's a pandemic disease that infects many.

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Just for curiosity, all those who downvoted, can explain the reason ?

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Weird to downvote something without mentioning the issue.