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It's a text search tool for various local file types.
This app is able to find a text inside files stored locally on a device and present the results in a quite useful form.
As a search phrase, a regular expression can be used.

Since ver.0.4.0 this app is compiled for SailfishOS 2.1 and newer. It will not run on previous system versions.

Source code, more complete list of features and previous versions are available here:

Please donate if you think it is worth it:


Release notes: here


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I made a complete Russian translation but cannot upload it to transifex because it requires some permission to enter the team and edit the hosted translations.

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Great! I have accepted your access request to both languages: "Russian" and "Russian (Russia)".
You can choose whichever you like and upload your translation.

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Excellent! Wishlist: include text/plain files without an explicit .txt extension.

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Done. New version (0.5.0) is available for download. It contains new option in settings: automatic filetype recognition. Test it and enjoy :)

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I've been thinking about this option for a long time, but i didn't have enough motivation to make it. If there are at least two persons who want it, I will certainly try to deal with this topic in the near future.

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That would be a nice feature.

To identify text files, you could use the "file" command. Examples:

[nemo@jolla ~]$ file tst
tst: C source, UTF-8 Unicode text
[nemo@jolla ~]$ file testfile
testfile: ASCII text

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This is so good, useful and poignant that it deserves to be offered alongside the basic must-have apps maintained by Jolla in the Harbour store!

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Thank you. I have nothing against it :)