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MeePasswords is a simple tool to securely store short snippets of sensible or confidential data such as passwords and the like. MeePasswords encrypts the stored data with a freely choosable master password.

You can easily synchronize the password list with your desktop or other MeePasswords installations. Please note that you need to have an e-mail account that supports IMAP and, optionally, the MeePasswords desktop version for this.



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Perfekt Work ruedigergad! It works now also on 64 bit with SFOS Thx

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Seems to crash on 4.3.0 (Xperia X) when trying to log in. Thoughts?

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thanks for the feedback.

I uploaded a new build that may fix the issue. For this build, you also need a new version of qca-qt5, which can be downloaded from:

Please be aware that I currently have no access to a SailfishOS device and thus could not test if this works.




PS: The packages are also available via the Mer OBS:




PPS: There were still some failures in the deployment. I uploaded fixed versions.

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I ask on together.Jolla and got follow temporarry solution. Make with terminal a copy of the new libarie and rename it. It works for me and I am happy!

$ devel-su
# cd /usr/lib
# ln -s

Important! small letters in the copy file!

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Thanks a lot for spotting the problem and posting a solution! :)

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Thank you Rdomschk!!! It works for me too.

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The same here :(

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Does not start after update to Sailfish 3.0. Please help.

I get message "error while loading shared libraries:" if run from terminal

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Any chance of integrating with lastpass? 

This is open source


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Great app. I used it a lot on my N9. Thank you for the porting it to Jolla.

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Good app, not finished yet but usable, used it on N9. Copy your encrypted.raw from N9 over to the MeePass folder in /home/nemo/

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More detailed advice. In otder to migrate data from N9 to Jolla, copy the file



from your N9 to this folder on your Jolla: