mah solitaire

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A Mahjong Solitaire, Mah!

A Mahjong Solitaire with numerous layouts that saves best times per game and allows you to select backgrounds and tilesets.

This is a web wrapper around the code produced by

This is a SFOS 4 only demonstration of using the new Sailfish WebView. The old QT version was not able to display something like this (I believe it's react js).



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Very good, thanks!

carmenfdezb's picture

Excellent game! Thank you so much!! The only issue I've noticed is that I can't scroll on some screens, for example the one to select game

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I'm uploading version 1.2 which removes the 'About' pull-down menu. That makes it a lot easier to navigate the game selection.

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Nice! It looks better, thank you!