The Emoji Keyboard

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This keyboard is not supported anymore. In case there are any issues with installer, you are free to unpack the installation pack and fix those. In case you want to change the functionality, you are free to do that too. All source code is available with the keyboard. 

Emoji keyboard extension for SailfishOS with emoji font including full set of iOS 5+ and Whatsapp Emoji characters.

  • Videos on Youtube: Introduction to v0.3v0.2 and first demo of v0.1
  • Support pages
  • Issue tracker
  • No dependencies any more
    1) Close Settings application
    2) Install keyboard-custom-emoji
    3) Open Settings > System > Text Input -> Keyboard Layouts
    4) Scroll down the list and enable Emoji
    5) Test if you can now select Emoji keyboard layout.
    If Emoji is not in keyboard list or Emoji is not visibile in layout selection
    a) Open Settings > System > Utilities (if you have Sailfish Utilities installed) and select Restart Keyboard. Try again from step 3 or 5.
    b) Restart your Jolla. Try again from step 3 or 5.
    If Emoji fonts are not shown, then restart you Jolla.
  • Privacy notice: Collects statistics using Google Analytics. Opt-out via settings.

Change log:


  • Settings persistence fix


  • Updated to support SailfishOS and verified to be compliant with
  • Not compatible with older version of SailfishOS. Use version 0.4.1-4 on older OS.
  • versions or upgrade your SailfishOS to 1.1.4 or newer.


  • Dependency issue with qtdeclarative fixed in installation package.
  • Repackaged 0.4.1 version without keyboard-custom-common dependency,
  • Supports SailfishOS versions from to


  • Exit from settings works properly only when swiping on top of settings page
  • Does not support new iOS 8.3 Emoji
  • Do not try to install older packages on SailfishOS 1.1.4 or newer. If you however did and have now non-working phone please find out if instructions on issue 16 will help.

This software is FREE and no payment is expected. If you however feel this software is worth it, I will welcome your donation:


Application versions: 

- Settings storage fix


bilgy_no1's picture

Thanks for making this work!
I like the monochrome emoji on your keyboard better than the colour emoji of e.g. Whatsapp.

Tibbidabou's picture

Cant't install this new 0.4-3 keyboard, missing some depencies. Gives error code 7 and says something that nothing is offering keyboard custom common 0.1-8 what emoji 0.4-3 needs

Penguin's picture
  • Preferred installation method with Warehouse client to ensure dependency packages will be installed too.

Linked "keyboard-custom-common package" need to be installed too. Warehouse does it automatically. You can also install that manually by downloading it separately and installing it first.

nightmare's picture

opt-in for google analytics and a note here would be great.

Before the current Version 0.3-8 and the settingspage i didn't even know you're using google analytics.

(edit: after looking through your qml's i think you didn't use it in 0.2-x)


Penguin's picture

It has not been in any earlier version as you noticed from qml. Opt-in / opt-out, I understand your point, but opt-in does not make sense if you want some information where and how much app is used. Opt-out offers anyone possibility to disable it, permanently if wanted. Unfortunately installer does give possibility to tell about this (or anything else) and splash screen is not suitable to keyboard. I can tell that current version is affected by some kind of platform bug and there seems to be only four different unique device id's meaning most of devices are identified as same device. I will fix that but I will never reveal actual device identities to 3rd parties. 

inte's picture

Nice App, thanks a lot! However, still quite a hassle to change languages each time to enter emoticons... I understand you cannot alter the genuine keyboard to integrate the emojis - however, why don't you just integrate a QWERY/Z into your App? Would make switching much faster IMHO

Penguin's picture

Thanks for feedback! That's just the challenge. Which one of those 13 stock keyboards and may be some of those ≈10 other custom keyboards should be integrated. Current 13 languages + Emoji + possibly some other custom keyboards is challenging and I am working with a solution to make selection easier and may be faster too. That will require some effort and time to implement as I do not wan't to break stock keyboard system and system updates. The Emoji Keyboard integrates seamlessly with stock virtual keyboard system and it is actually not own app, but rather an extension to keyboard app.

jokelap's picture

Thanks new version. Should any be removed? When you install the new version?

Penguin's picture

New one will replace the previous installation and no need to uninstall the old one.

phuig's picture

Forget coloring - is it possible to make this the "real" emoji? Looks alot better in my opinion.

linuxuser's picture

Thank you. Now we can use it with Wazapp. Nice. But the way to get the emoji on keyboard is long. A button somewhere on keyboard to change directly between letters and emoji will be faster. (like in WazApp on N9)

Penguin's picture

I agree, it would be nice to be able change layout quickly and switch between different layouts. I don't want to break SSU updates and thus modifying standard layouts is out of the question. However individual application could enable direct selection of predefined layout and switching between layouts.

While testing I have used this emoji keyboard layout quite a lot and I have found that switching becomes quite fast when you learn the needed path to do it. There are also some improvents coming as soon as I can implement and test those.

wizah's picture

Nice, thanks! Coloured version would be ever nicer :)

Penguin's picture

You are welcome. There is no support for coloured fonts in Sailfish, thus this monochrome version was the only feasible possible solution. I try to improve font gradually to make it better match with emoji in other systems.