Olive goes shopping

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This is a shopping list app, implemented according to my wife's requirements.

The basic idea:
You select recipes and the needed ingredients will be added to your shopping list. Ingreedients used in more then one recipe will be summed up. (This is actually not the case in any of the android shopping lists, i did try out. If you know one that can do that, tell me and i can stop developing this ;-))
Additionally you can add household and food items to your shopping list.


This is an pretty early version, a lot is not implemented:

managing recipes


What is implemented:

You can add / remove / edit existing food and household items in local db.

You can add / remove them to / from shopping list.

You can add / remove recipe ingredients to / from shopping list.

You can add items that do not exist in db to shopping list.

Long press on items in shopping list will remove them.

Export recipes and items to file. Import from file

Help page with detailed description


How to use:

App brings  a german demo db with it. 

Start app, select food from pull menu, select manage from pull menu and select 'Reset Db'.

This will populate your db with german food and household items. Alternatively you can select Add from pull menu in manage page to add some.

Now go back to Store page.

One click will add one piece to your shopping list. A long press will remove it from your shopping list.

When done, go back to Shopping List page.

One click will strike though the item. Another will undo the operation.

Select Clear from pull menu to clear whole list.


How to use Recipes:

Again there is a german demo db. 

Select Recipes from from pull menu on Shopping List page, then Reset Db to populate your Recipes page.

One click will add the ingredients that go with the recipe to your shopping list.

As mentioned above: removal and summing up the ingredients is not implemented yet.

How to bring in your items and recipes:

Import the demo db as described above, export it to json, modify the file on your pc, drop the database, then import the new file content.


In the pipe line:

Manage recipes

UI cleanup

Buy me a beer:


Application versions: 

8.0 remorse popup on clear shopping list to prevent unintentional deletion

7.5 search will be now actiavated on press enter

7.4 with search

7.2 will not allow you to select a recipe without ingredients 

    fixes issue where u could not unselect a recipe without ingredients


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if you are able to modify a json file you can now bring in your own recipes and items. the latest version now supports export / import

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Gefällt mir. Obwohl die Rezepte nicht mein Geschmack sind.


Die Datenbank ist aber sehr gut.