GNU less

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Less is a free, open-source file pager. It can be found on most versions of Linux, Unix and Mac OS, as well as on many other operating systems.


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File less-458-458.armv7hl.rpm83.38 KB26/09/2015 - 19:32

Less version 458

Version 458 was released on 4 Apr 2013.

These are the differences between version 451 and version 458:

  • Allow backslash escaping of metacharacters in LESS environment variable if the --use-backslash option is set.
  • Don't quit if syntax errors are found in command line options.
  • Increase sizes of some internal buffers.
  • Fix configure bug with --with-regex=none.
  • Fix crash with "stty rows 0".
  • Fix Win32 attribute display bug.
  • Fix display bug when using up/down arrow on the command line.