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Call blocker for SailfishOS.

ScumStopper now has a SourceForge project. For advanced usage instructions, see the Wiki page. For the source code, see the Git repository.

Application versions: 
File harbour-scumstopper-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm66.97 KB10/08/2014 - 20:12
File harbour-scumstopper-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm86.67 KB16/08/2014 - 18:09
File harbour-scumstopper-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm96.4 KB24/08/2014 - 21:16
File harbour-scumstopper-0.4-1.armv7hl.rpm122.87 KB31/08/2014 - 21:38
File harbour-scumstopper-0.5-1.armv7hl.rpm132.25 KB06/09/2014 - 03:47
File harbour-scumstopper-0.6-1.armv7hl.rpm153.04 KB14/09/2014 - 20:54

- Added online directory lookup feature
- Added ability to test number lookups from command line
- Keep notifications visible until call is disconnected
- Added Swedish translation by Åke Engelbrektson


shults's picture

Does it work on SFOS 4

OpenDen's picture

К сожалению не работает с последними версиями ОС

wickedsp1d3r's picture

Please, update it to work with 3.1.x!

mercurio's picture

What a pity! On Xperia X with the 3.1.0 update, it doesn't work anymore!

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Are czech blacklist supported?

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For italian users

create /home/nemo/.config/harbour-scumstopper/it.xml containing:


     <provider>Pagine Bianche</provider>
     <personNameTag>//div[@class="org fn"]</personNameTag>
     <provider>Chi sta chiamando</provider>

Victorious's picture

Hello! In the latest versions of the firmware don't work, although I worked like a charm. Decided to do a full reset and set (in the hope that the new system will work correctly), I installed daemon -
cp /usr/share/harbour-scumstopper/systemd/* /usr/lib/systemd/user
cd /usr/lib/systemd/user/
ln -s ../harbour-scumstopper.service
After rebooting, nothing works. What are the solutions?

ovekaaven's picture

As some of the other comments say, you can try not using the invoker (edit harbour-scumstopper.service to start harbour-scumstopper directly instead of through the invoker). I've been too busy to figure out exactly why the invoker is behaving differently yet, seems like it could be some Sailfish bug.

Victorious's picture

Thank you for your willingness to help! I replaced it



ExecStart=/usr/bin/harbour-scumstopper --daemon


but again nothing works

djedail's picture

It was working well... until the last Sailfish update (2015-06-15).

Now it doesn't block anything (blacklist, private numbers) and the "last call" log doesn't work either.

I tried to reinstall the app but it's the same.

ovekaaven's picture

It seems to work at least for some time. I'm investigating. So far my current suspicion is that it works after starting it, but stops working if you make an outgoing call. Could that be the case?

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Seems the way the invoker works may have been changed in a way that breaks ScumStopper. For now, until I can find a fix, try to start the daemon without the invoker, if you use daemon mode.

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daemon mode exec line is wrong. should be /usr/bin/harbour-scumstopper --daemon without invoker. also for autostart service should be enabled.

ovekaaven's picture

In daemon mode, this is not a Sailfish Silica app, but it is still a Qt5 app, so I think using the invoker would still be beneficial for the memory footprint of the daemon. Jolla themselves use the invoker for systemd services (e.g. /usr/lib/systemd/user/commhistoryd.service), so this is not wrong.

Currently, I have the user install and enable the service themselves if they want autostart, since I can't have the rpm do it if I want this to be allowed into Harbour at some point.

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Thanks. Great app. Works well :)

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Installed it yesterday and basic functionality is working fine. Unfortunately, the settings (at least the one about whether to disconnect immediately) are not saved.

Also, I noticed the screen turns on every time a blocked call comes in. (And it stays on for the whole time of the phone silently ringing if the 'disconnect immediately' was unchecked.) Could this be changed in some future release so that the screen would just stay turned off? I hope this not another problem with commhistory, etc..

UPDATE: I also noticed that it apparently does not work at all in daemon mode. I double-checked the daemon is running, and also made sure it does work when the UI is open. Also restarted the daemon several times.

ovekaaven's picture

The settings are saved for me, not sure what could be wrong.

Unfortunately, yes, the screen turning on is because of commhistory (or something related) also being a Telepathy observer, and therefore I can't stop it from turning the screen on, or from trying to launch the phone UI. I can only stop the phone UI from being able to access the Telepathy channel, so that it fails to start and doesn't ring.

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Just installed it and its not working. Blacklistet my number from the office but still it came trough. I set that it should disconnect right away.

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Love this software.  Do we have anything in Jolla together open to vote on changing commhistory from observer to approver or handler so it would be possible for you to block SMS as well like FirewallPro did on Harmattan?

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Thanks a lot, very nice application. Do you accept donations?

ovekaaven's picture

I'd happily accept code contributions, but I haven't looked into accepting money. I have a decent day job (as a software engineer working with earth observation satellites) which pays quite well already. So I lack time more than I lack money, and it would probably take quite a lot of donations to change that for me.

Of course, more money wouldn't hurt, and if you really want to donate, I can probably look into it. Just keep in mind that there are people out there who starve much more than I do.

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Are there any plans to support regular expressions on black&whitelists?

ovekaaven's picture

Interesting idea. If you can explain what it would be good for and how it should work, I'll consider it. Would wildcards also work?

veeall's picture

Yep, i ment wildcards. :)
It worked in n9 with firewallpro app. There, country code sometimes made a difference if the number was blocked or not, so i used * before a number.

ovekaaven's picture

Ah, the country code. Well, you won't need that with my app. Since version 0.4, it has handled country codes automatically. (It gets the mobile network's MCC/MNC from ofono, uses the bundled "regions.xml" database to find out which country code that corresponds to, and automatically adds that to incoming phone numbers that don't already have a country code. And in the app settings, you can define which country code your blacklists/whitelists should use, for entries that don't explicitly specify the country code. Everything is designed to Just Work, even if you travel abroad. (Of course, that doesn't mean it actually will just work, but at least that's how it's designed.))

veeall's picture

I figured out a usecase for regex and wildcards, that is, if i want to be unreachable but still see who's calling me, because flight mode leaves me totally blind and without internet.

ovekaaven's picture

If the wildcard would just be "*", then wouldn't it be better to just have a settings option for that?

While I could implement wildcards, I'm still not sure how to handle wildcards in the blacklist editor UI. I'm using the "dialable characters" input method hint, but at least a "?" would not really be a dialable character. I probably couldn't make it possible to input it without showing the full keyboard with letters and stuff.

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Installed today, seems OK but needs more basic features that come as standard on most androids such as add number from phone book, call list and sms, apologies if any of these features exist but I fail to find them if they do! Would rather use a native app' over androids and decided against installing and android app to see how this pans out, thank you for your time and effort so far, it is appreciated.

ovekaaven's picture

Also, you'll probably find that Android apps don't work at all for blocking calls, I've tried. So I guess this app is really your only option.

ovekaaven's picture

Sorry, Jolla does not permit Harbour apps to access contacts yet. Once they add an official way, I'd of course use it (they're "working on it"). Access to the phone's call list is also kind of prohibited, so ScumStopper currently just maintains its own independent call log. Essentially, ScumStopper is already pushing what apps are allowed to do, it's not really possible to do much more without cooperation from Jolla. I can only hope that if this app becomes popular, they will agree to change Sailfish so that more features become possible...