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Installer for the native OpenRepos.net client for Sailfish OS

Starting from version 0.2.9 Storeman is buit with the help of Sailfish OS OBS and Storeman Installer is used for its installation. To update Storeman prior to 2.9, one need to remove the existing RPM and use the installer or use an appropriate repository for manual update. Further updates will be done automatically. All old RPMs from this repository were archived here.


  • Every SFOS release requires a configured OBS repository. Therefore Storeman installation may not be available for some time after a new SFOS release until maintainers configure a new repository. This is especially true for EA releases
  • If you have any troubles with installing, removing or updating packages after the system upgrade try to run "devel-su pkcon refresh" in the terminal app
  • Storeman can still be unstable! Application name does not affiliated to any other software

Installation instructions:

  • Enable "System → Security → Untrusted software → Allow untrusted software" in the device settings
  • Visit this page using the device’s browser, and tap the harbour-storeman-installer-$version.jolla_.noarch.rpm link further down the page or download the RPM with your computer and transfer it to the device somehow
  • Tap the downloaded or transfered RPM in the device's "File downloaded" notification or in the file browser and confirm the installation
  • Optionally disable back the "Allow untrusted software"
  • Find the "Storeman Installer" icon in the device's app grid, tap it and wait for Storeman installation finishes - the "Storeman Installer" icon should be replaced by Storeman itself
  • The installer itself is removed automatically

Current features:

  • List recently updated applications
  • List installed applications
  • List, add/remove, enable/disable repositories
  • Show applications info similar to the official Jolla store client
  • Install/remove applications
  • All lists are scrollable, data is loaded in the background
  • Search for applications
  • Authorize to OpenRepos.net using Sailfish Secrets for secure storing of credentials
  • Comment, reply to comments, edit and delete own comments for apps
  • Use button panel to add HTML tags when typing comments (hint: select text and then click a button to wrap it with a tag)
  • Tap on the "Reply to" label on the comments list to navigate to the original comment
  • List categories and apps by categories
  • Hide any categories of applications
  • Show categories on the applications page - tap a category label to show all related applications
  • Initial support for apps bookmarks (offline only)
  • Initial support for backups (offline only)
  • Rate applications
  • Find and manage local RPM files

Report an issue:


Application versions: 
File harbour-storeman-installer-1.1.0-1.4.1.jolla_.noarch.rpm45.04 KB06/09/2021 - 09:43
File harbour-storeman-installer-1.2.2-1.noarch.rpm43.04 KB21/03/2022 - 09:51


  • Cease using a repository entry in SSU's global section by storeman.spec: Do not assign repo in global section
  • Update translations (de, es, et, fr, hu, ru, sl, sv, tt)
  • Add SailfishOS:Chum metadata
  • Remove donation links
  • Trivially bail out of SailJail


  • Added repository for SFOS

2021-09-18 • Storeman 0.2.11 (SFOS 4.2 only)

  • Use the new share API

2021-09-06 • Storeman Installer 1.1.0

  • Update translations

Full changelog


osetr's picture

You can now reorder the items of the main page as you wish :)

salkos73's picture

Greeaat!! Good job! Congratulations and thank you so much!

Historyscholar's picture

I love brand-new style UI:)

levone1's picture

Ok. Thanks

levone1's picture

osetr - could you take a look at most recent comments here - https://openrepos.net/content/schturman/startasroot-filecase There's an issue with a package being automatically overwritten by another on Storeman refresh. Coderus says it's nothing to do with Patchmanager, and Schturman says he doesn't understand why it's happening... Maybe an issue with Storeman?

osetr's picture

It's really strange. Storeman in this case is nothing more than an interface for PackageKit. As a strat point I can recommend you to run devel-su pkcon update in the terminal app and see what will happen.

dfstorm's picture

Small but anoying bug: the app crash when commenting. It successfully send the commeny tho. But crash right after. Anyway: Good app. Without it sailfish OS wouldn't be the same.

Vieno's picture

Feature request
The linked page of a changelog is parsed and partly displayed within storeman's changelog page. Maybe just for one or two common pages (github) in the beginning.

osetr's picture

Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand your request :( Do you want Storeman to parse an package description to find links to a changelog file on GitHub to show its content?

southerndust's picture

Can u add local-base bookmark save feature? So that we can export then import ourselves bookmark though openrepo doesn't support cloud-base bookmark save now.
Other feature could work with this as well.

osetr's picture

It is already implemented in the backup feature. May be I should add an option to select what to backup to allow to backup only bookmatks.

Alex's picture

Would it be possible to fetch the bookmarks/favorites on a fresh login? It would make sense since the bookmarks are bound to the account. Currently if you login on another new device there are two minor issues:
1. Opening the bookmarks in settings will show the busy spinner permanently
2. The bookmarks are not fetched from your openrepos account

osetr's picture

Sorry but bookmarks are local-only as OpenRepos doesn't have such an ability. To transfer your bookamrks to another device currently you can copy the ~/.local/share/harbour-storeman directory manually.

southerndust's picture

Sorry, thanks for notify me.
Another question it could lose bookmarks sometime.
I don't replay it yet, but there actually be.

monkeyisland's picture

After sending the comment storeman crashed..

monkeyisland's picture

it says Network error :)

monkeyisland's picture

Hi after updating to on Jolla1 i get folloying error by taking option Favorites:

osetr's picture

Please provide a translation of the screenshot :)

Also can you please create a backup and send me the backup file?

Mick's picture

Will do.

Mick's picture

Since updating to SF Storeman will not update, install or remove any apps.
Getting a:
File'./non-oss/noarch/sailfish-tutorial-data- 0.2.3-181.jolla.noarch.rpm' not found on medium https://releases.jolla.com/releases/'
Has happened before but I can't remember how I fixed it.

osetr's picture

Run devel-su pkcon refresh in terminal.

subeditor's picture

Doesn't Refresh cache command it the top menu do the same?

osetr's picture

I'm planning to add a system-wide refresh action on system upgrade

osetr's picture

No it refreshes only your enabled OpenRepos repositories.

osetr's picture

It looks like a regression. I'll try to fix it after holidays.

bomo's picture

It looks like https://openrepos.net/content/virgi/patch-tracker-path-settings can not be viewed in storeman. Maybe because it doesn't have any files to download?

Shervrar's picture

Crashes when commenting, although the comment does go through

Mick's picture

Scratch the last message. It worked just that once. According to Storeman I've only got 4 apps installed on my Jolla 1s. The apps that I do have installed are not reflected in Storeman.

osetr's picture

The apps that I do have installed are not reflected in Storeman.

Did you install these apps with Storeman? Are corresponding repositories enabled?

Mick's picture

All working now. :)