Facebook Messenger Account

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Adds Facebook Messenger support to SailfishOS accounts, using the purple-facebook libpurple plugin and the telepathy-haze library. The advantage over the XMPP approach is that messages can be sent and received even if one party is/was offline.

Known issues:

  • group messages do not work (at least from what I've tried)
  • messages are marked read as soon as they arrive (not when you read them)
  • an old version of purple-facebook (3d30d24fdbef from 12. August 2015) is used, until the mark-read behavior is changed upstream or patched in the current version
  • if this application refuses to upgrade, please reinstall it (together with purple-facebook)


After the installation, go to Settings/Accounts/New Account and add the Facebook Messenger account. As the username, use your Facebook username. As for the password, I have tested it only with an app specific password (can be generated in your Security settings on the Facebook web), so that is the recommended approach. After adding the account, restart your phone and now you can go online with the account.


Heavily inspired by Thaodan's Skype Account plugin.


If you have any other issues, please let me know - I have not tested this much, so install/use only at your own risk. On the other hand, issues will most likely come from the purple-facebook plugin, so it is up to its developers to fix them.


I'm not the author of the purple-facebook library, just a packager, so donations for the plugin should go to those developers. Nevertheless, the packaging also took me quite a lot of time (still being quite an inexperienced packager), so if you like it, then please consider a small donation:

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Application versions: 

0.4 - Minor change - fixed account icon path to accomodate to jolla-ambient -> sailfish-default theme changes in Sailfish

0.3 - Downgraded purple-facebook to version 3d30d24fdbef from 12. August 2015 as a workaround for never-ending notifications. If you cannot upgrade, then please refresh my repo and reinstall both this package and purple-facebook.

0.2 - Replaced custom account icon with the default from Jolla

0.1 - Initial release


articice's picture

Is it maintained? Does Facebook support XMPP at all now?

emchella's picture

After installed some pakage done by Thaodan


for skype  and upgrade to os. i havetry other time to install messanger another time, with the following output

nothing provide libgstreamer-0.10.so.0 request by libpurple-nss.2.10.11-10.16.1jolla.armv7hl

emchella's picture

the same, can't install

akira_pwr's picture

Can't install it...

Thaodan's picture

Are the sources of this pkg somewhere related?

manchevgeorgi's picture

Works after compiling the new purple-facebook, but i guess that the sailish-messages app is not reading the message as before. Some other method is being used by facebook to read messages and i'm keep receiving notifications even if message was 'read'. Any suggestion, someone havin' the sailfish-messages source?

smatkovi's picture

i  made  an account on jabber.no-sense.net  then  with gajim  on a  computer  added  Facebook transport and then  added  the xmpp  account  on sfos.  for a  while it worked quite  well, but  after  abouta  week  i  cannot see if somebody is online,  profile pictures don't get downloaded  anymore and the device gets very hot.  have you tried  anything in the last few months, or what is your experience?

florifreeman's picture not working :-(

Klipata's picture

After update it is not working :/  

Eminem's picture

Any update soon?

DarkStarSword's picture

This plugin repeatedly causes Facebook to lock my account everytime I am on a mobile data connection (and I've seen a few other reports of this on together.jolla.com) regardless of whether I use an app specific password or not. It works fine on WiFi (presumably because Facebook recognises my fixed IP address), so I suspect that it may not be correctly saving a security token or cookie causing Facebook to continually believe that it is a new unrecognised device.

elastic's picture

Confirmed behaviour - it started with SFOS 2.0.2.x - so it might be OS related ... 

vige's picture

After the (Fiskarsinjoki) update, Facebook Messenger Account can no longer be installed. Installation fails with: "haze-accounts-extensions-facebookmessenger-0.4-1.noarch requires purple-facebook = 1, but this requirement cannot be provided"

elastic's picture

purple-facebook requires libpurple-nss 2.10.11 wich requires libfarstream 0.1 which seems not to be available in the repos for SFOS ...

smatkovi's picture

since today i cannot log in anymore, maybe here is a hint: the sailfinder/tinder developer says his app also cannot connect due to changes in facebook login process or something like that

247's picture

you should update for 2.0.2 now it has been released since is not working anymore for me :)

nodevel's picture

Just installed and tested on - works perfectly fine for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is very unlikely that a SailfishOS update could break this plugin, since it is quite independent and relies only on the telepathy framework. It is quite likely that this will break once Facebook changes something since we rely on an old version of the purple-facebook library that works with telepathy, so it's quite suprising that hasn't happened (because when it does, I won't be able to do much about it ;-) ).

247's picture

unfortunately plugin is not working for me...i can see it in the account list and it's perfectly configured but the status option tell me i have no service using the status option and the people app is not showing any contact at all from there...tried reinstalling the thing but with no luck...any hint?

smatkovi's picture

It also drains the battery very much...

smatkovi's picture

now i deleted the account and added a new one and have the same problem you have

Schturman's picture

Hi. Can't install it on Please update package.

nodevel's picture

Schturman, thanks for the heads up, but how am I supposed to update the package for a version that hasn't been released yet? I in no way condone hackishly installing releases that are for Jolla's internal use only. It doesn't make any sense to make changes to apps based on experience from pre-alpha releases. Many things may change before 2.0.3.x gets released, but if/when I get such release on my Jolla C, I will check if this thing works.

Regarding i486 support - I am thinking of buying a i486 tablet in the summer. Either way, before i486 support gets into Mer OBS, it's not likely I will be able to build this and test comfortably.

Regarding the library updates - we still rely on an old version of the library. Changes to support telepathy upstream are in the pipeline for purple-facebook, but I haven't seen any progress for months.

tiiagoFernandez's picture

Can't get it to work :(

tiiagoFernandez's picture

Aparentely started working by itself.

I did nothing besides adding the account multiple times. I used the original username and original password.

After a few days, it started working. I have no clue on what happened tho.

Kimking's picture

i got it work with app password even i got error=username &password doesnt match.
after error i just rebooted and putted messenger online. and its works now perfectly.:)

tdriver's picture

Hi, how it works? I downloaded this app, create account and I do not see any option to wrote message via this app. I still have to install something to make it work? Thanks

Kimking's picture

find one contact from "people" who is on fb, and then upper rigth corner u can see white dot, from there u can find facebook messenger.

tdriver's picture

Thank you, many of my contacts are on fb but I cant see white dot in right corner and it seems that contacts in People app are not synchronized with fb. Actually there is no option to synchronize contacts on fb account on Jolla, just calendars, imafes and notification.

Kimking's picture

sorry about the dot. Facebook messenger shoud be at the page when u open contact. if the name arent same in fb and ur contact list, u need to link them. u rebooted and putted messenger online?

tdriver's picture

Well, still nothning. I tried to write names as well as on fb, rebooted, messenger is active and still no option on contact card. Nevermind, thank you