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SailfishOS application to access the OpenSenseMap

You will also need python3-requests (e.g. from birdzhang's repository) in order to use this application.

The app is still in development, so there is only some functionality available yet.

OpenSenseFish uses sensemapi as backend.

If Matplotlib is available for your device, it should be installed as well to enable measurement data graphs. If it is not installed automatically, just install it by hand.

What works

  • setting up multiple OpenSenseMap accounts
  • browsing an account's senseBoxes with current sensor measurements
  • browsing a senseBox's sensors and their measurements
  • displaying graphs of sensor data
  • reloading data from the cover

What is planned (for someday)

  • creating and manipulating accounts, senseBoxes and sensors
  • uploading data from the device (e.g. manually or automatically from the device sensors)
  • browsing the OpenSenseMap via a map :-)
  • searching for arbitrary senseBoxes
  • marking arbitrary senseBoxes as favourite
  • ...

If you have an idea for another feature or you know how to improve OpenSenseFish, feel free to open an Issue on GitLab.

OpenSenseFish uses only QML and Python.

The full source code is on

Application versions: 

- Adjustments to use sensemapi v0.0.11
- More efficient connection session management should result in slightly better
performance of network-related actions


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