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Simple Userfriendly File Manager 


  • Browsing Files
  • Multifunctional Topbar
  • Userfriendly Interface

Coming Soon

  • File Management ( Paste, Delete, Share)
  • Create New Files & Edit
  • Text Editor with Hex Viewer
  • Property Viewer
  • Additional List View to the Grid View


Application versions: 
File filemanager_0.9.2_armel.deb61.68 KB21/12/2013 - 03:56
File filemanager_0.9.3_armel.deb61.08 KB26/12/2013 - 01:18

filemanager (0.9.3) unstable; urgency=low
* Fixed Text Editor ( only readable)
* Enabled Features: Showing Hidden Files, Changing Sorting
* Minor Bugfix


mcbook's picture

I really like to concept of this file manager. Awesome job!

looking forward to the new features....

maybe consider starting a support thread at TMO?

jpn9s's picture

I agreed with everything. Waiting for the new features to come.

Udemzy's picture

I don't see any problem in the app name. Would prefer the app to be fixed even the 0.9.2 the text editor is not still working. Though it looks beta. And the other button when you press and hold a file or folder don't work either.
Thanks for the app but a lot of fixes are still needed.

zaidk9's picture

Please Change the name of both the apps

Only this thing is stopping me from using your apps

MomoElz's picture

i will in next release

zaidk9's picture

Please rename the appname

thats the only thing stopping me from using your app!!

it replaces Sheerwater File manager